Once again we asked our Goldpaint Photography students to share with us their favorite, personal photos taken during the year and they did not disappoint! We’re so proud they’re using their new skills to create beautiful works of art as well as submitting to editorials and publications. Every one of our Alumni show a unique perspective as they capture the beauty of our disappearing dark skies. It was an honor to inspire each photographer to explore new places and help demonstrate the importance of preserving our wild spaces under the stars.

Click on the image to read their story and visit their websites. Like what you see? Please share it in the comments below!

  • Anthony T. Festa
    Anthony T. Festa
    This image was taken on the first night of my workshop with Goldpaint Photography in Southern Utah. Even though at the time, I didn’t know what ...
  • Bill Mickle
    Bill Mickle
    This is a composite pano from our New Mexico Badlands workshop. I am still in total awe at the beauty of nature in this other worldly wilderness. ...
  • Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
    I am a bit obsessed with Northern Lights and they are incredibly hard to capture here in Vermont. Planning ahead, I had this area mapped out just ...
  • Tim Schallberger
    Tim Schallberger
    This is my favorite image of 2017 due to the serendipitous nature of the shot. I was at the Painted Hills to shoot the Milky Way over Red Scar b ...
  • Helen Frances
    Helen Frances
    I wanted the Milky Way to showcase this unique abandoned grainery in the Palouse area, Washington, so I waited an entire year for the perfect cl ...
  • Tim Herring
    Tim Herring
    Wonderful camp on the Alvord. This is one of my favorites from 2017 because of the comradery of like minded photographers gathering under very da ...
  • Terri Barry
    Terri Barry
    This is my favorite for 2017 because it was my very first Milky Way Pano. It was taken on night 1 of the Bisti Wilderness Alumni Workshop. Brad h ...
  • Katie Bohnert
    Katie Bohnert
    Star Trails at Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Park, March 2017. The reflections of the stars in the water make this a favorite of mine. I’m p ...
  • Esther Fleming
    Esther Fleming
    Taken on the east coast of Key Largo, FL in February 2017. Unfortunately, this property has since been destroyed by Hurricane Irma.
  • Christine Rudkin
    Christine Rudkin
    I chose this shot because it makes me happy. I to shoot the stars but there is also something challenging about shooting a vibrant city in all i ...
  • Glen Murray
    Glen Murray
    This is favourite shot from 2017, it was from a trip to Joshua Tree back in April of this year. I didn't manage to get out as often as I would ha ...
  • Douglas DeVoto
    Douglas DeVoto
    I was mesmerized by the flow and movement from this November evening in Lhonak, Nepal. Beneath me I could see the dirt- and rock-covered glacier, ...
  • Nancy Weezy Forman
    Nancy Weezy Forman
    See of Nancy's work by visiting her website.
  • John Watkins
    John Watkins
    It was a difficult choice, but this was my favorite image from 2017, which was taken in May at Toroweap, a remote area of the Grand Canyon. I lik ...
  • Gloria Cropper
    Gloria Cropper
    There is a reason why it's called Hurricane Ridge but on this summer's night, there wasn't one flag blowing in the wind nor a twinkle in a star. ...
  • Greg Liengswangwong
    Greg Liengswangwong
    After taking a wonderful and very insightful workshop with Brad Goldpaint I had the opportunity to capture the Milky Way in Maui, Hawaii. This is ...
  • Howard Goldman
    Howard Goldman
    Taken during the night photography workshop at the Maine Island School of the Arts with Goldpaint Photography.
  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis
    This is probably my favorite night image from this year because it is one that I planned out, waited for, and then made the photo that was in my ...
  • Sashikanth Chintla
    Sashikanth Chintla
    This image is special for me as this was on my bucket list for 3 years and this year I could finally capture it. Traveling from NJ to Grand Junct ...
  • Chris Marler
    Chris Marler
    This image is special to me because everything seemed to up that night. Crystal clear skies, no wind at all, meteor showers, and mountain climbe ...
  • Dominique Myers
    Dominique Myers
    One of my favorite moments and learning times this year was day two at our Alumni class in Bisti because we got together as a group for a couple ...
  • Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
    This image brings on a peaceful feeling. The effect of compositing land in the twilight and sky in the early evening with a longer exposure to br ...
  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee
    This image is my favorite for 2017 because I had the startlingly good fortune to have the valley entirely to myself. Sweet solitude with these an ...
  • David Papp
    David Papp
    Taken May 2017 during Brad Moab workshop. This was at Dead Horse Point State Park and as Brad knows, I have a passion for timelapse. So a star tr ...
  • Yoshiki Nakamura
    Yoshiki Nakamura
    Aurora dancing over downtown Seattle. Kp 6 was expected until 8pm, and air clarity was super clear in Northwest on the 27th of September. I knew ...
  • Sergio Garcia Rill
    Sergio Garcia Rill
    I shot this photo in one of the alumni New Mexico Badlands workshops. It's my favorite because I had to train all year for that workshop, and dur ...
  • Bob Kelley
    Bob Kelley
    This image was taken near 1:00am on the morning of March 1, 2017 in ta Junction, Alaska. I had already been outside for several hours in the -20 ...
  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan
    I to this image on my own at the Very Large Array of radio telescopes near Socorro, New Mexico. It is my favorite because it was the first time t ...
  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson
    Taken during the Joshua Tree Night Photography Workshop with Goldpaint Photography.
  • Dave Ciskowski
    Dave Ciskowski
    I the story of hard work and creativity implied here. The alumni workshop was a step up: in challenge, in learning, in fun, and in inspiration. ...
  • Kathleen Kingma
    Kathleen Kingma
    Here is my favorite night-sky image of 2017. This image was taken at Little Molas Lake, CO during our honeymoon return from Ketchum, ID where Dou ...
  • Kevin J Railsback
    Kevin J Railsback
    Summers at my grandparents farm in Iowa were always magical. I spent many nights down in the hay field watching lightning bugs and the Milky Way ...
  • Susy & Sandy Stephens
    Susy & Sandy Stephens
    This photo was special first because Sandy and I were sharing the Iowa night sky together just as we had many years earlier as kids growing up on ...
  • Thomas Piekunka
    Thomas Piekunka
    I continue to be drawn to this image of moon rise over a high alpine lake in Northern California because of its sublime feeling. The scene requi ...
  • Rob Hazzard
    Rob Hazzard
    The Gunnison River runs 2500’ below the rim of the Black Canyon. While it’s not a spectacular capture, it’s my favorite this year in part becaus ...
  • Evie Urbina
    Evie Urbina
    The reason I this one is because it marks the start of a whole new world of photography for me. I d the location (and can't wait to return) whi ...
  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown
    This was the most challenging image that I to during 2017 … both in terms of capture and post-processing. I captured this panorama (6 images wide ...
  • Keith Lisk
    Keith Lisk
    Taken during the Goldpaint Photography Alumni Workshop in Central Utah.

One Response to Goldpaint Photography Alumni: Favorites from 2017

  • Ray Robinson

    Impressive to say the least. So much talent in Mt Shasta. I used to live there and had a Stained Glass Shop called “Evergreen Studio” and a business called “Robinson Eatrhscaping”. Good luck and have a wonder-full life.

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