This year we again asked our 2018 workshop participants to submit to us their favorite personal image along with a short blurb about why they chose it. Each year, the bar is set higher and higher with amazing photos from around the globe. We are so proud to see such great work being produced because their submissions are improving year after year! Thank you GP Alumni for reminding us about the importance of preserving our wild spaces under the stars by exploration, artistry, and continuing to support our mission.

Click on the images to read their stories and visit their websites to see more of their fantastic works. Like what you see? Share in the comments below!

Brad Goldpaint
“An evening spent capturing a starry night creates an unmistakable bond. This connection could be formed by the shear brilliance and magnitude of gazing into the endless universe or maybe the realization of how infinitesimal we feel in that moment. These connections have remained with me throughout my years of teaching. Each person, a unique experience, a distinct approach, and a single, apparent commonality: to reconnect with the beauty of the night.

It has been an honor to witness the evolution of these artists and the development of their works.”

  • Rob Hazzard
    Rob Hazzard
    This is not only my favorite for 2018 but my favorite picture, period. I visited near my h ...
  • Howard Goldman
    Howard Goldman
    Grace Island anchors the west end of Isle Royale in northern Lake Superior. This image, my ...
  • Sashikanth Chintla‎
    Sashikanth Chintla‎
    “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing som ...
  • Kelly Davenport
    Kelly Davenport
    This is my favorite night image I shot in 2018. I live in Kentucky in an area where there ...
  • Keith Lisk
    Keith Lisk
    This image was recorded in the Great Smy Mountains National Park, at one of the historic c ...
  • Yoshiki Nakamura
    Yoshiki Nakamura
    Mt. Rainier reflected on Reflection Lake, WA. It was fortunate that the rising moon starte ...
  • Kevin Railsback
    Kevin Railsback
    Earlier in the day, this was the spot in Yellowstone National Park where I was married. I ...
  • John Watkins
    John Watkins
    If I had to choose one from 2018, this photo of Palouse Falls in Washington would be the o ...
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones
    This image was shot from the deck of the wooden sailing schooner Hildur. Bear Islands, Eas ...
  • Greg Liengswangwong
    Greg Liengswangwong
    This shot of the Milky Way at Two Jack Lake in Alberta, Canada is one of my favorite shots ...
  • Kathleen Kingma
    Kathleen Kingma
    I captured the Persieds in 2018 using a fisheye on the Canon 6D and the iOptron SkyGuider ...
  • Evie Urbina
    Evie Urbina
    My personal favorite from this season as well as one of the most memorable nights shooting ...
  • Esther Fleming
    Esther Fleming
    This is my favorite night photo because of being able to hike up to the location and enjoy ...
  • Susy Stephens
    Susy Stephens
    Here is my photo for Best of 2018, not because of its quality, but because of the experien ...
  • Sergio Garcia Rill
    Sergio Garcia Rill
    I chose this as my favorite because it represents my favorite trip of the year (to the Can ...
  • Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
    With clouds mostly lifting, I to my brother who was visiting from North Carolina to check ...
  • Doug DeVoto
    Doug DeVoto
    Some weekends stand out a little than others. I enjoyed the marriage of two amazing frien ...
  • Lynda Sanders
    Lynda Sanders
    The absolute magic of the aurora, at Charlie Dome, Alaska. The ancients believed this was ...
  • Pat Maccariella
    Pat Maccariella
    This is my favorite photo for 2018, taken during the Mono Lake alumni workshop in May, 201 ...
  • Nancy Forman
    Nancy Forman
    Sonoran Desert Tucson
  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan
    I like this image because of the lighting techniques I used (thanks, Brad!) and because th ...
  • Helen Frances
    Helen Frances
    This image of the Milk Way gliding over Crater Lake has been a two-year challenge! That’s ...
  • Tim Herring
    Tim Herring
    This was a challenging year - Not as much flexibility in getting away to shoot, acquired s ...
  • Steve Niemczyk
    Steve Niemczyk
    Lynda and I spent the evening overloing the Golden Gate Bridge while the camera's clicked ...
  • Kirsten Tucker
    Kirsten Tucker
    Kalahari Plains in Botswana
  • Thomas Piekunka
    Thomas Piekunka
    This image is my favorite because of the challenges involved in getting to this location, ...
  • Bob Kelley
    Bob Kelley
    Here's my favorite image of 2018 taken on the morning of March 23rd outside my B&B cabin i ...
  • Jonathan Adams
    Jonathan Adams
    This image isn’t as beautiful as some of the great Milky Way astroscapes, but it’s my favo ...
  • Terri Barry
    Terri Barry
    I to this image the night after the conclusion of the Mt Shasta 5 Day Alumni Workshop. Sta ...
  • Diane Ramthun
    Diane Ramthun
    Sailing in the Canadian wilderness of Northern Lake Superior, we sought refuge from a stor ...
  • Sanjiv Modi
    Sanjiv Modi
    This is my favorite night photograph of 2018. I had planned to take Milky Way picture in O ...

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