This year we again asked our workshop alumni to submit to us their favorite personal image along with a short blurb about why they chose it. Each year, the bar is set higher and higher with amazing photos from around the globe. We are so proud to see such great work being produced because their submissions are improving year after year! Thank you GP Alumni for reminding us about the importance of preserving our wild spaces under the stars by exploration, artistry, and continuing to support our mission.

Click on the images to read their stories and visit their websites to see more of their fantastic works. Like what you see? Share in the comments below!

Brad Goldpaint
“An evening spent capturing a starry night creates an unmistakable bond. This connection could be formed by the shear brilliance and magnitude of gazing into the endless universe or maybe the realization of how infinitesimal we feel in that moment. These connections have remained with me throughout my years of teaching. Each person, a unique experience, a distinct approach, and a single, apparent commonality: to reconnect with the beauty of the night.

It has been an honor to witness the evolution of these artists and the development of their works.”

  • Keith Lisk
    Keith Lisk
    This image was taken on March 31, 2019, along a stretch of the Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks, Alaska, nicknamed ‘The Enchanted Forest’. While I got man ...
  • Christine Rudkin
    Christine Rudkin
    I chose this picture because even though this lighthouse in the Outer Banks has been shot many times I really liked the composition and the fact that it wa ...
  • Gloria Cropper
    Gloria Cropper
    I grew up in Kansas where storms were common and came with assertiveness. Living in Seattle now for twenty years I have greatly missed thunderstorms like i ...
  • Rob Hazzard
    Rob Hazzard
    This scene was captured not far from my hometown in southwest Colorado. I live in Ohio now and don’t get back often. I miss the mountains. I had the loc ...
  • Tim Herring
    Tim Herring
    The dark skies of SE Oregon were my go to location in 2019, with four visits during the year. Several of the trips were to experiment with new gear combin ...
  • John Watkins
    John Watkins
    This image was taken in late summer at Yellowstone National Park. It was really dark that night with the Milky Way vertical and bright in the sky, with Jup ...
  • Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
    It was such a surprise to climb down the hill and find these beautiful flowers in bloom. On top of that a meteor streaked through the scene when the moon w ...
  • David Beckemeier
    David Beckemeier
    Best photo of 2019, Raven's nest Maine. Foreground in the blue hour; sky is a stack of 10 exposures 20 seconds each, in sequator. Did it the night before m ...
  • Evie Urbina
    Evie Urbina
    This image was taken at 13,000ft at my favorite run out and shoot spot because I have clear skies (mostly). I had planned of shooting the Milky Way archin ...
  • Esther Fleming
    Esther Fleming
    I to this in Arizona during monsoon season. I liked the starry sky with the thunderstorm below. After a long day of storm chasing, we were headed to the ...
  • Howard Goldman
    Howard Goldman
    Sony Ar7ii late at night after dinner at the tip of the Sibley Peninsula, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario. Light pollution from Thunder Bay on the ...
  • Chris Marler
    Chris Marler
    This is a composite shot taken in November at Skogafoss Falls in Iceland. It’s my favorite of 2019 because I’ve been trying to capture the northern lights ...
  • Christine Whitten
    Christine Whitten
    This is a composite panorama shot at Yosemite national Park October 2019 at about 11 pm. The rest of the photography group I was with had tired after a lon ...
  • Kevin Railsback
    Kevin Railsback
    The challenge of combining multiple techniques in both shooting and editing this image makes it the most complex image I’ve ever created. The beauty of the ...
  • Jeffrey Lovelace
    Jeffrey Lovelace
    This may not be my best image of 2019, but it is my favorite. This was the first shoot in which I to full advantage of my astro modified A7 III. It shows t ...
  • Bill Mickle
    Bill Mickle
    This is a shot of another surreal landscape, similar to Bisti, yet unique. It makes me feel like I am rela on a Martian landscape, listening to "Shine On ...
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones
    The aurora borealis over the Great Slave Lake. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This image was taken during a solar storm and while there were numerous ...
  • Nancy Forman
    Nancy Forman
    Nancy Forman See of Nancy’s work by visiting her website.  s
  • Thomas Piekunka
    Thomas Piekunka
    Here is my favorite image from 2019. It is titled, "Death and Life".
  • Diane Ramthun
    Diane Ramthun
    Last August, we were sailing in Northern Lake Superior in a Canadian wilderness marine sanctuary. We anchored at Battle Island with the intention of photog ...
  • David Wilson
    David Wilson
    This is a picture take on a tour in Armenia to the Garni Temple at night. The Garni temple was built in the first or second century and was destroyed by a ...
  • Stuart Fabe
    Stuart Fabe
    I to this image of the Milky Way over Willow Bend in late autumn. There was a bright light positioned on another barn about 200 yards away, and although I ...
  • Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer See of Lynn’s work by visiting her sites: Homepage | Page  s
  • Yoshiki Nakamura
    Yoshiki Nakamura
    This is from Mt. Rainier when the moon began shedding light on the mountain top.
  • Kristin Arlett
    Kristin Arlett
    Kristin Arlett See of Kristin’s work by visiting her Homepage & Instagram  
  • Terri Barry
    Terri Barry
    This is the Mongla Stupa in the Khumbu Region of Nepal. This is my 2019 favorite because I to it while my husband and I were on a 15 day trek from Lukla to ...
  • Richard Taft
    Richard Taft
    Emerald Lake was the first location we stopped at during the August 2019 Lassen Volcanic National Park Night Photography Workshop. The frogs were very noi ...
  • Carol Gaupp
    Carol Gaupp
    This doesn't match the nighttime photography theme, but is the shot of the year for me. While canoeing in the BWCA in Northern Minnesota this past Septemb ...
  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan
    This is my favorite picture from 2019 because it represents a new level of capability for me. It was taken in moonlight and used focus stacking techniques ...
  • Kelly Davenport
    Kelly Davenport
    This star trail is a composite of 75 individual images I shot at Deam Lake State Recreation area in Borden, Indiana. I used a Nikon D7500 with a Rinon 14mm ...

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