HEARD Wetlands

This amazing hidden gem in Mckinney has so much potential and more.  After arriving there to a locked gate around 5:30am in the morning with freezing cold air blowing at me, I wasn’t just going to go home and give up.  Photographers come across lots of locked gates, fences, and other barriers that we have to get through. Don’t worry, we are used to it.  I drove around the perimeter of the sanctuary and somehow I was able to find an undeveloped housing track and park adjacent to the wetlands.  I jumped the fence and used my iPhone to navigate to this area where you can walk on wooden planks about 3 feet above the water.  It was absolutely beautiful, and surreal at the same time to be above the wetlands and walking across them.  The sun started to rise, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get the exposure right.  Shooting directly into the sun can be really difficult, not only to get the exposure right, but also to avoid getting lens flares coming up in the photograph.

Tomorrow will be another day and I will get back out there and start again.  I am fortunate that I have the ability to go back and start all over.  Most photographers don’t get second chances.

Thanks for reading!