• Thomas Piekunka
    Thomas Piekunka
    This image is my favorite because of the challenges involved in getting to this location, but also the fun and bonding experience that resulted from the adventure. Also, it was a challenge processing the image, but with help from a patient friend, I am pleased with the result.
  • Terri Barry
    Terri Barry
    I took this image the night after the conclusion of the Mt Shasta 5 Day Alumni Workshop. Staying an extra day gave me time to visit a waterfall with my classmate Greg. I used several new techniques we learned in workshop both taking and processing the image. I titled this image "McCloud Skies" and entered in the CalEPA employee annual fall photo show. It sold immediately and I had quite a few requests for prints from people who missed purchasing it. One print went to a coworker who's family has been in the McCloud area for generations. The response to this photo made my photography year!
  • Sanjiv Modi
    Sanjiv Modi
    This is my favorite night photograph of 2018. I had planned to take Milky Way picture in Ontario for last couple of years. In 2017, the location I had chosen did not work out because the road to get there was private with no public access. In July 2018 I happened to be in Toronto area visiting family. This location was near Kwartha Lakes. We pulled off the road with dark sky and found this tree aligning with Milky Way and Jupiter just above the horizon. This was my first shot that I planned using Photo Pills and Google Earth which worked out.
  • Kathleen Kingma
    Kathleen Kingma
    I captured the Persieds in 2018 using a fisheye on the Canon 6D and the iOptron SkyGuider Pro tracking mount. I've tried numerous times for such a composite and this was the first win! Location was near Lake Rosevelt in Arizona at one of our favorite boondockin camping spots. Why my favorite? I've tried so many times for meteor showers and finally nailed it!
  • Lynda Sanders
    Lynda Sanders
    The absolute magic of the aurora, at Charlie Dome, Alaska. The ancients believed this was the gods coming from the heavens to speak to them personally. And that it what it felt like.
  • Kelly Davenport
    Kelly Davenport
    This is my favorite night image I shot in 2018. I live in Kentucky in an area where there is a lot of light pollution. During the Perseids Meteor Shower I drove 75 miles away to Patoka Lake in Birdseye, Indiana. I captured a Perseids Meteor as it streaked between Mars and the Milky Way.
  • Diane Ramthun
    Diane Ramthun
    Sailing in the Canadian wilderness of Northern Lake Superior, we sought refuge from a storm on a remote island. On the furthermost point of land where it meets sky and sea, ancient Aboriginal people dug and built a rock structure. These are now called Pukaskwa Pits. It is believed that young tribesmen stayed in these Pits awaiting the vision that would define their lives. The Ojibwa people consider these Pit sites spiritual and sacred.
  • Bob Kelley
    Bob Kelley
    Here's my favorite image of 2018 taken on the morning of March 23rd outside my B&B cabin in Delta Junction, Alaska. This aurora display began at about 2:00am local, reaching a peak near 4:30am when the aurora danced with incredible beauty. Needless to say, the celestial show was too amazing to examine each image in "real time," but upon later examination this photograph really touched my spirit.
  • Susy Stephens
    Susy Stephens
    Here is my photo for Best of 2018, not because of its quality, but because of the experience for Kendall, the "model," on top of the RV. It was a completely unplanned shot, that happened between her 3 day backpack through the Tetons and her 24 hour Cowboy Tough Adventure Race.
  • Steve Niemczyk
    Steve Niemczyk
    Lynda and I spent the evening overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge while the camera's clicked away and we watched brightly lit barges and airplanes come by wondering if they were going to ruin the final picture. She knew a great location overlooking the bay to get this image. The sun started to come up and we went for a nice breakfast in Sausalito in one of the only places that was open that early.