• Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
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  • Gloria Cropper
    Gloria Cropper
    I grew up in Kansas where storms were common and came with assertiveness. Living in Seattle now for twenty years I have greatly missed thunderstorms like it was a lost of mine that I hadn’t known I d until it was gone. Then one September night, without warning, I heard thunder from my home and then I saw a bright light flash from my window. Could it be? I drove to my neighborhood viewpoint with my umbrella hovering over my camera and I photographed and yelled out in glee to have had my lost visit me.
  • Yoshiki Nakamura
    Yoshiki Nakamura
    This is from Mt. Rainier when the moon began shedding light on the mountain top.
  • Tim Herring
    Tim Herring
    The dark skies of SE Oregon were my go to location in 2019, with four visits during the year. Several of the trips were to experiment with new gear combinations, mounting vintage fish-eyes on a new mirror-less body, pushing f/5.6 lenses with new sensors, or trying really fast glass under the stars. The heavy green air glow made it a challenging year, still figuring out the best way to adapt to it. In the fall I hoped to be there when a land speed record would chased, but the day before I was to go they tragically had a crash that claimed the drivers life. I postponed my trip until a month later and enjoyed crisp nights with brilliant stars, and a somber visit to lake bed. This image sums up the year, great skies under the watch of the Steens, with tracks leading to who knows where. caelum certe patet
  • Nancy Forman
    Nancy Forman
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  • Keith Lisk
    Keith Lisk
    This image was taken on March 31, 2019, along a stretch of the Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks, Alaska, nicknamed ‘The Enchanted Forest’. While I got many nice photos of the aurora while I was there, this is my favorite because the trees and snow provided a nice foreground to the curtains of auroral light overhead. It was taken with a Nikon D850 DSLR and the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, at 14mm, f/2.8, ISO 3200, 3 sec.
  • Kristin Arlett
    Kristin Arlett
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  • Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
    It was such a surprise to climb down the hill and find these beautiful flowers in bloom. On top of that a meteor streaked through the scene when the moon was setting. It was a wonderful moment.
  • Howard Goldman
    Howard Goldman
    Sony Ar7ii late at night after dinner at the tip of the Sibley Peninsula, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario. Light pollution from Thunder Bay on the right. Remember Mars was prominent in summer, 2019. We anchored the boat in a bay to the right.
  • Diane Ramthun
    Diane Ramthun
    Last August, we were sailing in Northern Lake Superior in a Canadian wilderness marine sanctuary. We anchored at Battle Island with the intention of photographing the Milky Way over the lighthouse. Battle Island is known for its historic lighthouse built in 1877 atop a rocky cliff over the Lake. It"s also know for a shipwreck on August 10, 1899 when a 181 foot steamer ship ran aground below the lighthouse in a sudden fog.