• Lynda Sanders
    Lynda Sanders
    One of the wonders of the sky is that there is so much there than we can see with our mortal eyes. The camera helps visualize a little of this. The Eye of Heaven is seen loing down over the Golden Gate in San Francisco. It is strong and ever-present, but not at all apparent to the casual observer. Each time we are out under the night sky the Eye is up there - visible yet invisible, well known to ancient mariners who used its help for navigating, and known to a fortunate few of us who are able to visualize it in our images.
  • Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
    My nephew and I had planned a week of night sky adventure in hopes of an aurora in Alberta ~ weather forecasts for the area were disappointingly cloudy, but the skies cleared about an hour north of Edmonton. Our first plan (using various tools to scout with no time to visit) turned out to be in the middle of a reservation and not feeling comfortable with the intrusion, we headed north and noticed a sign for West Cove, which sounded like water, and found a boat launch.
  • Melany Sarafis
    Melany Sarafis
    Not necessarily my BEST nor most popular image of 2015, but the most special memory without a doubt! This was shot during my Artist in Residency tenure in the Petrified Forest National Park. After the park closed at sunset and all guests were "escorted" out, I had access to the entire park. This is the "Blue Forest" area, accessed from the teepees and ending up on the Blue Mesa. A trecherous hike in the dark, but worth it!