Diane Ramthun


2017 - 2023

Diane Ramthun
UFO? Or International Space Station (ISS) sighting? I took this image standing in the reeds on the the Big Bay Lagoon, Madeline Island, Lake Superior. It was a lovely September evening, just after sunset, and a low fog was rolling in. Suddenly, I saw a bright white light racing across the sky, parallel to the Milky Way. It was too high, bright, and fast to be an airplane. I was happy that, by happenstance, one of my photos caught the streak of it passing. Oddly though, it left no reflection in the lagoon water. Perhaps I saw the ISS but I haven’t been able to confirm this. Regardless, it was a memorable sight. Date: September 16, 2023, time 8:47 pm. Camera: Sony a7r5, Lens Sony GM 14 mm, 1.8 f. Sky photo: f2, ISO 320, 120 seconds ( this was my first time using an old sky tracker.) Foreground: f2, ISO 400, 180 seconds (I have no idea why I used these settings.


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