Evie Urbina


2017 - 2023

Evie Urbina
Taken this summer during one of many scouting trips in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I chose this one in particular because I love how it turned out and it also marks the start of a new adventure for me. I was camped out near this particular lake the night prior in hopes of capturing something like this image. However, Mother Nature had a different plan, I was treated to a wonderful display of TOTAL CLOUD COVER! For the entire night, while receiving weather notifications for nearby locations….CLEAR SKIES! After a long, mostly sleepless night I packed up camp, thanked the camp hosts who inquired if I wanted to spend another night, and set out to find a better location. Well, clearly that didn’t work out, I ended up back at the same campground (now full). Thankfully the camp hosts remembered me, and they allowed me to park for a few hours in the “day use area” and I came away with this image! Patience and timing!


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