George Schlossnagle

George Schlossnagle

Devils Golf Course, Death Valley National Park

What I loved about this image is the process I went through in capturing it as much as the image itself.

Most of my astro images are either shot from my yard (and I’m blessed to be in a Bortle 1/2 zone), or a workshop, or some occasional opportunistic shot on a non-photography focused trip. This picture I planned ahead of time. I was travelling to Death Valley for a daytime b&w workshop, but new I wanted to try to get a nice astro image in. I used all the planning tools I had available – PhotoPils to understand the potential time windows, TPE and Google Earth to pre-evaluate several locations (since I knew I’d have limited time to daytime scout in a rather huge park). And all of that worked! The image was lovely (though I could have arrived 30 minutes earlier and caught the lanfscape with a kiss of moonlight before it set to the west). I also ‘loved’ that because I missed a frame in the sky, I had to work really hard on getting a manual stitch going in ptgui to save the effort.

Lots of lessons learned and good validation and practive of the skills I’ve learned from Brad.

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Brad goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is comfortable and getting the help they need, both out in the field and in post-processing. He is always there to answer any questions and he does so with kindness and patience. The small class size is perfect, and because he does not bring his own camera to the workshops, it allows him to spend quality time with each participant. – Jenny

Brad bleeds excellence in everything photography-related. He is kind, intelligent, quick-witted, knowledgeable, but most of all, caring. At no additional cost, Brad offered to lead during extra nights when weather threatened planned photoshoot evenings.  He purposefully left behind his camera to ensure focus on helping students.– Roger

I just attended my third Goldpaint Photography 5 day workshop in beautiful Mt. Shasta. That alone should tell you a lot about Brad’s workshops. I love Brad’s work professionally and love that he teaches his own processes to his students. He is the only instructor of workshops I have attended who does NOT bring his own camera. His full attention is on his students.– Patricia

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