Terri Barry


2016 - 2022

Terri Barry
This image was from literally the last hours of the second storm chasing trip I have ever taken. The first trip was in 2022. The second in 2023. Neither trip produced the storms and images I dreamed of. Both years we hit the dry week in between spectacular storm weeks. This image was captured as a last chance dash during 15 minutes of pure joy when we got real, up close lightening. I stood in the field yelling like a crazy person, arms up like a sports fan, each time we got a bolt. I’m not a tornado person, I’m too conflicted about what tornados mean for the people in their paths. I wanted mothership clouds and lightening. At least I finally got lightening! I learned that I don’t have the time or resources to do storm chase type photography. I’ll just need to be by chance in the right place at the right time. I now know how to take the photos and I have relatives in Tucson…


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