Tim Herring


2012 - 2020

Tim Herring
20231014 Annular Total Eclipse Sequence Totality frame: Nikon z7 2xTC Nikkor Z100-400@800mm f/11 1/60 ISO 400
This image culminates the preparation, planning, practice, tools and Photoshop skills I have acquired over the past 11 years since taking my first Goldpaint workshop. That 2012 workshop was a landmark for me as I transitioned from film into the digital world. This image is the first eclipse composition that I am please with the outcome of the sequence. My eclipse chasing astro friend and I had planned a location in NE Nevada, the weather had other ideas. At the last moment we changed our plans to a spot on Hwy 93 south of Wells, NV, right near the center line at a NV rest stop. The morning of the eclipse, I put a finger through one of my solar filters – adapt or miss the photo. Using a backup cardboard and mylar solar filter, switching it between my zoom camera/lens and wide angle camera/lens, I captured enough frames for what I had in mind. The only formal Photoshop post training has been in the Goldpaint workshops. I leveraged that knowledge and with some research put together the sequence. Not wanting to disappoint Brad and not post a fisheye – my bio picture is from an Annular scouting trip to the original location. 20230915 22:03 Z7 10mm fisheye f/5.6 30′ ISO 10000


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