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We are humbled by, and so honored to have been selected as the Overall Winner of the 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year! The Royal Museums of Greenwich, England holds the largest, most prestigious international competition of its kind. It showcases the best space photography from the world’s most amazing Astro-photographers. This year our image ‘Transport the Soul’ was selected as the first-place winner in the People and Space category as well as the overall winner of this worldwide competition! Images from over 4200 entries taken from 91 countries were selected by a panel of esteemed experts from across the fields of astronomy, photography, art and science! What makes this so special is that this commemorative exhibition is showcasing the ten-year milestone of the world’s best astrophotography from the Royal Observatory at the National Maritime Museums in Greenwich, England. Our image will be showcased alongside this year’s category winners as well as the winners from all previous years.

“This competition has always featured some of the most stunning works ever captured. This year we entered an image that we feel captured the relationship between man’s search for purpose and encompassing the limitlessness of our experiences. It helps us to remember that we are all an integral part of an amazing and vast universe. To be selected as the overall winner is the greatest praise and recognition our work has ever achieved!”

“It’s not a trail we follow; it’s about creating our own adventures.”

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  • Brad Goldpaint“Two great passions of mine are wilderness travel and experiencing the drama of a night sky. I combine my passions with photography by teaching night sky workshops to people just like you. Come explore the magic of the Milky Way with me as it travels each night over unique landscapes within the Western US.”