2020 Night Photography Workshops
  • Brad Goldpaint“Two great passions of mine are wilderness travel and experiencing the drama of a night sky. I combine my passions with photography by teaching night sky workshops to people just like you. Come explore the magic of the Milky Way with me as it travels each night over unique landscapes within the Western US.”

Night Photography Video Tutorials

Three Part Series
Night Photography Video Tutorials - Edit the Milky Way

Edit the Milky Way

Learn how to edit the Milky Way by blending two photos together to produce a single image where all areas are exposed correctly.

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Night Photography Video Tutorials - Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking

Learn to combine multiple images taken at different focus distances (depths-of-field) to achieve greater sharpness within a photo.

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Night Photography Video Tutorials - Moonlit Panorama

Moonlit Panorama

Learn how to combine multiple images with overlapping fields of view to produce a high-resolution moonlit panorama.

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