Evie Urbina

This image was taken at 13,000ft at my favorite run out and shoot spot because I have clear skies (mostly).  I had planned of shooting the Milky Way arching over a star gazing castle ruins at the summit (14,000), unfortunately someone else had made plans to shoot selfies with their car headlights.  After patiently waiting for half an hour for them to finish my shot was spoiled.  So, I decided to head back down a little ways to this beautiful location and try my luck, it payed off!  I took this shot just in time.  Had I arrived slightly earlier the reflection would have been perfect; the wind kicked in while I was setting up.  Instead of getting a reflection I got the storm clouds rising!  To be able to shoot at 14,000ft is great!  Watching the thunder and lightning storm all around below you is amazing, this shot captures both, the drive home in the down pour not so amazing.  I decided to pack it up after this pano because I felt like I was being watched!  While editing the photos I discovered that I was!  To the right of the image in-between the mountains there was a herd of big horned sheep (they didn’t survive the edit).

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