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Reviews and testimonials from our Night Sky Photography Workshops with Goldpaint Photography:

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  • Judi

    I want to thank you for the extraordinary experiences of this workshop.  Not only was the time spent of photographing under the beautiful canopy of stars special, the information and the personal instruction given was invaluable. The sites chosen for the panoramic shots, sunsets and star trails were easy to reach and beautiful. And hot cocoa was a great treat!  The post processing workshop and workshop booklet helped complete the sessions.  Thank you for providing such a total photographic experience.  I hope to be able to join you again sometime.

  • Vanessah

    Brad is equally gifted as a photographer and an educator.  His passion for both makes it a joy to learn from him.  His in-field guidance helped me “see” differently and bring my composition to a new level.  The post processing tutorial was probably the best I have ever attended.  All in all, it was an amazing experience!

  • Evie

    Evie a.k.a. The Smirk!
    I met Brad 5yrs ago, I attended his last workshop held in Arches National Park. A friend of mine turned me on to his workshops and down the rabbit hole I went.  I love roadtripping, photography and was curious about trying night photography, so it seemed like the perfect fit!  Little did I know that I would get totally hooked on shooting at night!  Each workshop location has posed its own set of challenges, some easier than others, but they never disappoint!  Brad & Marci go above and beyond to make sure you have all of the tools needed to come back with amazing shots.  I have never been disappointed in any of his workshops that I have had the pleasure of attending, every one has been extremely well thought out, planed and replanned when certain issues like weather and fires come into play. Brad is very talented at pushing you to do better while not infringing on your artistic take on the overall shot.  Brad never brings his camera out during a workshop, I can only imagine how many nights he would have loved to shoot during these nights, but that is what sets him apart from the rest.  His dedication to making sure his students are the priority, wether you are just starting on your photographic journey or have been on it for a long time, Brad finds away to push you to be even better!  The late night coffee or tea he offers each night to keep you going is the cherry on top.  Brad attracts some amazing photographers that just make the workshops that much better, I have made a few friends along the way and look forward to making more!  Brads’ workshops tend to sell out rather quickly (with good reason), so if you have the chance to take one I can’t recommend them enough!

  • John Meredith

    A Night Sky Photograph Workshop with Brad Goldpaint is a true gem.  Brad is an excellent educator in the art of night photography.  He is patient and understanding, wants all his students to succeed at this unique photography genre. He is there to teach. He provides the ideal learning experience and challenges for his students.  He works with novices and professional photographs alike to hone this wonderful craft. More than just a hike in the wilderness, a Goldpaint workshop teaches photography skills that are life long and enduring.  But Brad is more than a night photographer and superb educator.  Brad is simply an outstanding person.  He is selfless in all he does. He leaves his camera behind in order to be fully committed to his students.  He goes out of his way to help others in need.  I suspect there is a deep fundamental reason and drive in Brad to share the nighttime sky with others.  Brad Goldpaint is a wonderful person and absolutely excellent photographer.  No one else conducts the level of nightscape photography workshops as Brad Goldpaint does. These workshops are an adventure that is a must do in your lifetime.

  • Adrian

    Brad’s workshops are always impeccably planned and prepared and this Bisti Wilderness event was no exception.  Bisti is a huge area that would be tricky to navigate even during the daytime but Brad had scouted possible locations well in advance and had made sure that everyone was familiar with a GPS tracking app so that people could easily return to pre-arranged meeting areas at agreed times.

    The small group sizes make it much easier for individuals to find their own compositions without impacting others but in Bisti there were so many potential areas to shoot I would doubt that many images from the group were made at the same location.

    Brad does not shoot during his workshops and spends all the time checking on everyone in case they need help with anything.  He has huge experience with all aspects of night photography and his highly artistic use of moonlight in foregrounds is a fabulous tool that encourages you to go out to shoot on nights that are not perfectly dark.

    Brad’s teaching style is easy and relaxed and his intention is to pass on as much of his experience to people as time and their individual capacities will allow.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Brad Goldpaint workshops to anyone looking to develop their nighttime photography skills.

  • Stu

    I just returned from a three-day private workshop with Brad in Mt. Shasta which was my second workshop experience with him.  In my opinion there is no better astrophotographer on the planet than Brad Goldpaint.  His remarkable skill in creating unique and beautiful night sky images is second to none.  Plus, his ability to enhance the images in post-processing is truly sensational.  Obviously, I am a huge fan of Brad’s, but it’s not just his technical skill that I appreciate; it’s his personal style of communicating that makes taking workshops with Brad so meaningful.  Given the pervasive smoke from the wildfires, our night skies did not provide clear views of the stars.  In truth, very few were visible which was of course very disappointing.  Having said that, Brad did his very best to make the experience as positive as possible.  The locations on Mt. Shasta were beautiful, and Brad taught me the basics of Focus Stacking et al, and I’m eager to dive into his great workbook to help clarify those lessons.  Naturally, we cannot control adverse weather conditions, but my workshop was a positive experience because of Brad’s professionalism and good heart.  I encourage anyone interested in photographing the night sky to spend time learning from Brad and making a “stellar” friend in the process!

  • Jenny

    This was my first workshop with Brad and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute we were out shooting. The scenery was stunning, the skies cooperated, and I came away with some great images. The post-processing tutorial was very helpful and I learned a lot of new techniques in Photoshop.

    Brad goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is comfortable and getting the help they need—-both out in the field and in post-processing. He is always there to answer any questions and he does so with kindness and patience. The small class size is perfect, and because he does not bring his own camera to the workshops, it allows him to spend quality time with each participant. He is a master at night photography and his passion for the subject is truly inspiring. I am excited to take what I have learned from Brad and continue shooting the night sky.

  • Joe

    Brad’s Mt Shasta workshop is outstanding and I highly recommend it to photographers of all ability levels. Brad’s deep technical experience and meticulous planning provides a comprehensive learning experience from location planning, camera settings, composition, through post-processing.  Brad creates a really fun and supportive learning environment and the small group size ensures that everyone gets personal attention and great guidance throughout the workshop. But beyond the technical, Brad’s energy and artistic vision opened my eyes to a new view of night photography.  This is one old dog that is truly appreciative to have learned some new tricks!

  • Roger

    Brad bleeds excellence in everything photography-related.  He is kind, intelligent, quick-witted, knowledgeable, but most of all, caring.  At no additional cost, Brad offered to lead during extra nights when weather threatened planned photoshoot evenings.  He purposefully left behind his camera to ensure focus on helping students. 

    I tend to venture off from the group during workshops to concentrate on a weak point of mine – composition.  Brad sought me out at each location, allowed me space to find a composition, and then offered helpful suggestions on critical elements of balance, corner distractions, and the like.  By the end of the workshop, my compositional workflow had noticeably improved.

    Finally, Brad patiently walks through post-processing techniques in his beautifully crafted, freely given, 50+ page workbook during a final classroom session.  His instruction is clear, thoughtful, and on-point. 

    In short, I couldn’t have been more pleased with Brad.  He was simply outstanding!

  • Kirsten

    I don’t know how many workshops I’ve been to with Brad. It’s been quite a few. I keep coming back. I keep referring anyone I meet that expresses an interest in in astrophotography to his workshops. No instructor goes as above and beyond to ensure everyone takes away new skills and images they can be proud of regardless of their incoming skill or experience level. His is committed, passionate, skilled, ethical and kind. You can’t be in better hands.

  • Gezche

    I have taken 3 workshops with Brad thus far, all in the Mt. Shasta area. He came highly recommended for night photography by people I’ve met on other workshops.

    Brad is simply the best instructor I’ve ever had. Here’s why:
    – HE REALLY FOCUSES ON TEACHING, HELPING PARTICIPANTS, AND NEVER SHOOTS WITH HIS OWN CAMERA. I’ve attended many workshops and have never met a workshop instructor who isn’t out there shooting for themselves. It’s really great because you can get a lot of one-on-one help if you need it. He is accessible and spends the entire night making his rounds (e.g. going to the shooting spot of each participant) to check-in on us regularly and ask if we need help. When he’s not doing that, he’s lightpainting for us.
    – THE GROUP SIZE IS SMALL. This allows him to give each one of the attendees enough one-on-one attention.
    – THE SHOTS WE GET ARE AMAZING. You will get several awesome ones to add to your collection!
    – EXTREMELY PREPARED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND THOROUGH. He vets all the locations we shoot at a couple days in advance, to make sure the roads are accessible and to see if certain wildflowers are in bloom. He doesn’t make you feel stupid for asking questions. Before the in-field shooting part, he goes over the exact steps for how to plan for a Milky Way shot in advance using various online resources. (This has probably been one of the most helpful things I’ve ever learned as I’ve started to plan night shots on my own.) At the end of the workshop, he goes over post-processing in-depth.
    – I ALWAYS FELT SAFE. For CoVID safety, management has required use of masks when participants have to be in close proximity to one another and hand sanitizer is readily available. In the field, we can take off our masks when we’re far away from each other. You have the option to travel in your own car or carpool with the other participants. When out shooting, I have never felt pushed to do something I wasn’t comfortable with or put in any situation/location that was dangerous. During hikes to shooting locations, he really paced the entire group appropriately and didn’t make anyone feel bad for needing a break when the hike had significant elevation gain.
    – HE PROVIDES A PHYSICAL POST PROCESSING BOOKLET. This serves as a great guide when he’s teaching post-processing during class. It is also great that I can refer to this beyond the workshop.
    – HE PUTS YOU IN THE RIGHT LOCATION AND HELPS YOU PRACTICE FINDING A GOOD COMPOSITION / FOREGROUND. This forces you to think for yourself about how you want to frame the shot. He helps give you an idea and you are given the flexibility to get the shot you want.

    His workshops tend to sell out quickly. Because of this, I had to wait a year to be able to get into one of his workshops (got into one right when he announced his workshop schedule for the following year). Hope you get a chance to work with him! It’s worth the wait!

  • Patricia

    I just attended my third Goldpaint Photography 5 day workshop in beautiful Mt. Shasta.  That alone should tell you a lot about Brad’s workshops. I am a “perpetual hobbyist” photographer as I don’t get to shoot as much as I like.  I love Brad’s work professionally and love that he teaches his own processes to his students.  And, he is the only instructor of workshops I have attended who does NOT bring his own camera. His full attention is on his students.  Brad provides several areas for us to compose and shoot at each night. We learn several different types of night photography including composites, panoramas, star trails and focus stacking.  When Brad teaches, he explains all of the shooting settings completely for each camera and lens type that you have and why.  He gives you some composition ideas but encourages you to explore on your own.  I am always amazed at the photographs I come away with at these workshops, given I don’t shoot as much as I would like.  Unlike other instructors, Brad devotes a lot of time to post processing teaching. This is crucial for me and I always learn a lot.  Brad is very patient with us and also has a great sense of humor.  He provided over 11 hours of classroom postprocessing teaching in this 5 day workshop!  He also helped me to improve on the photos that I took.  I also meet the nicest photographers at these workshops and also get to participate in the Goldpaint Alumni Facebook group. I am looking forward to taking another next year!
    So don’t hesitate as they fill up fast!

  • NothingRock

    I had the pleasure of spending 5 days in June with Brad Goldpaint on a private backcountry workshop.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a few of Brad’s workshops; each workshop has inspired growth and challenged me to become a better photographer.  As I’ve gotten more and more into night photography with Brad, I became interested in more than just experiencing the beautiful night sky in unique locations—I wanted to experience the process of scouting and experiencing places that were truly unique… Well, my experience was life-changing! 

    Brad meticulously planned the trip well in advance (with different options/back-up plans), and he always included me in the planning to make sure that my goals and expectations of the experience were met.  We spent the first part of the private hiking to Deadfall Basin and camping there.  The views were stunning, the photographic opportunities were breathtaking, but personally the most exciting part for me was the adventure.  As someone who had never backpacked before, Brad took great care into making sure the experience was enjoyable and that I was comfortable—but this was only the beginning!

    After a wonderful night shooting, experiencing a peaceful thunder storm, and appreciating the beauty of the Mt. Shasta area, we headed onto our second, and most eventful part of the trip.  This was by far my favorite part of the trip, and Brad had intentionally planned our private so that the best would be saved for last!  On the second part of the trip Brad lead me on a life-changing adventure that would eventually lead us to summiting Mt. Eddy!  Wow!  I had never summited a mountain before, and what an experience! The experience of hiking to places that are less traveled and having the opportunity to capture the beautifully landscapes with the night sky was an experience that has forever inspired my passion for night photography. 

    I’m still combing through all the photo’s that I had the opportunity to capture during my Private workshop with Brad, but I can’t help but smile through the process.  Brad really went above and beyond in planning and leading the trip.  It’s hard for me to put the experience into words, but I can sincerely say that anyone who’s interested in a more ‘adventurous’ and intimate setting photographing the night sky, while learning and hanging out with Brad would be hard-pressed to find an experience like this—simply amazing.  Thank you Brad Goldpaint!

  • April

    After a few random searches and then asking some trusted photography friends, I was recommended to sign up for a Goldpaint Photography workshop, I signed up for the very last open spot for 2019 Workshops, Mt.Shasta 3-day workshop and I am glad I did. I really wanted to have hands-on experience with something completely different than what I usually photograph.

    Brad’s workshop exceeded my expectations. He takes you from the beginning; how to plan your shoot to the end with post-processing. The first thing I told him was that I have been to another workshop and I always feel like there was a key element missing, the ah-ha moment where everything comes together. Brad didn’t hold anything back. He will show you what tools he uses for planning and take the group to different locations to shows you how to capture amazing photographs of not only the night sky but how to use the moon to your advantage and include the entire landscape. There will be several different location and angles, ending with step-by-step post-processing.

    Nothing else compares to the thoughtfulness that Brad puts into these workshops, the knowledge you will leave with after this workshop is over, and the confidence that you can go out on your own and follow the step by steps plans that you practice in the field and classroom with Brad. He truly is passionate about his work and it shows. He is very attentive to the workshop and makes sure that everyone understands the concepts.

    Bummed I didn’t get the meet Marci, but I am excited to book another workshop as soon as they open up.

  • Tom

    I had the privilege to attend Brad’s workshops in Central Utah and Mt. Shasta and both were nothing short of magical.  Brad’s meticulous attention to detail and planning ensures that you will have the most fulfilling photographic experience with the available conditions.  In addition, his personal attention and care is supportive and promotes your growth as a photographer.  Brad also seems to attract quality participants, great people who I have enjoyed spending time with and have developed friendships with.  That is an aspect, at least for me, that I really value with Brad’s workshops.  I look forward as much to meeting new people as I do to the exploring of the night skies photographically.  Brad’s positive energy is contagious and should be experienced.  You won’t be disappointed.

  • Kristin Renzema

    I recently attended Brad’s workshop at Mt. Shasta.  I have waited 3 years to finally get a chance to work with him.  I was so impressed!  One of my favorite things, and a reason I booked, was the fact that Brad does not bring his own camera.  I have been to workshops before where the instructor positions their tripod in the perfect spots while everyone “works around” them.  Brad is so attentive to his students.  No matter your level of knowledge, he was there to walk through settings, composition and answer any questions.  I appreciated that the workshop was small, and it felt like a “one on one” because there was time for everyone.  Brad has a great personality, he’s funny and so incredibly patient with students.  He never once balked at having to repeat something again and again (I had a lot of questions) until a student “gets it”.  He has a vast knowledge of the area and the night sky.  I can’t wait to attend another workshop, and I highly recommend Goldpaint Photography for your workshop needs.  It is literally like learning on “steroids”.  I learned more in three days than I did in a year on my own.  Also, the post processing workshop was so informative and the booklet Brad provided has been so helpful in learning to edit my images.  Can’t wait to come back!

  • Mike

    Brad is one of the best, most patient teachers I know.  His combination of fantastic locations, gentle guidance during shooting, and hugely informative post-processing sessions can’t be beat. He keeps his workshops small, never brings his camera, and always keeps his good humor — even at 4 o’clock in the morning.

  • Kim

    Everything positive and glowing review I read about Brad came to life during my recent workshop @ Mono Lake.  Brad is vigilant and thoughtful, and he strives to provide the best experience for his students.  He was warm and welcoming from the initial introduction. He fostered an environment of learning while having fun.  He’s attentive to every need to every photographer at every level.

    There was rain in the forecast for our first night of shooting, and Brad was already planning alternatives.  Days before the start of the workshop he emailed the students to prepare to go shoot the night before the planned start of the workshop – he wanted to make sure we had every opportunity to capture amazing shots and make the most of the workshop.  Sure enough, it poured on the evening that we had originally planned to shoot, but there were no regrets, because we had a full 10-hour outing the night before.  We took advantage of the rain day to do the classroom introduction.  Then when we had another clear night, we were back out for another 10 hours.

    Brad is obsessed with planning.  He taught us how to use various apps and websites to plan our shoot.  We learned about constellations and how to locate the Milky Way.  During the shooting on location, he gave us direction on where to point the camera, the settings, and the timing of the shoot.  He reinforced my learning through challenging me so that I would be able to do this on my own.  Brad is all about teaching and helping his students grow.

    This was my first workshop – ever – and Brad has set a very high bar for my expectations.  I learned so much from Brad, from soup to nuts, planning/scouting to composition to camera settings to execution.

    He is passionate about preserving the environment which is awesome.  Brad & Marci are an awesome team and good people.  I’m so thankful to have found GP and look forward to future workshops.  Thank you Team GP for an amazing experience!

    Advice: Be sure to arrive one day early and stay one day later than the “scheduled” workshop dates – weather is unpredictable, and you need to be flexible.  Amazing as Brad is, he can’t control the weather.

  • Greg

    Today was the last day of my fourth Goldpaint Workshop.  I must preface that it’s hard to put into words just how amazing each experience was, and how passionate and inspiring Brad Goldpaint is as an instructor.

    Brad truly puts his participants experience as the number one priority. He differentiates himself from other workshops through his planning/scouting for each workshop location, passion for sharing with others the magnificence of the night sky, and dedication to inspiring and teaching his students.  His policy of not bringing his personal camera on his workshops is a huge testament to his focus and priority being on his participants.  Through each workshop whether in the field or on learning post processing, Brad has always made sure that every participant experiences a positive atmosphere where learning becomes fun and intuitive rather than frustrating and boring.  He always makes sure that anyone at any level gets as much one on one assistance as they would like.  I would like to circle back to Brad’s dedication to planning and scouting for every one of his workshops—while this may seem like a standard practice, in my experience I have never met anyone who has put in the amount of time and effort to make sure that every one of his participants gets to experience the night sky in a unique and breathtaking place with many opportunities for different compositions!

    Brad has become a friend, mentor, and inspiration to me.  I continue to enjoy having the opportunity to grow as a photographer and on a personal level through my interactions with him.  I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning how to photograph the night sky in the most authentic and beautiful areas to take a workshop with Brad Goldpaint.  His passion and dedication to sharing the night sky with others are a gift that I was lucky enough to stumble upon. 

    Thank you Brad and Marci Goldpaint for sharing your passion and love for the night sky with us!

  • Chris Anderson

    I have been to 4 workshops with Brad over the past three years.  Brad is amazing.  First, let’s start with the fact that he is a great person.  He is friendly and personable with all of his students from the moment you meet him.  He cares about everyone having a great experience and learning, regardless if you are a pro or a new photographer.  He does not carry his camera, so he never checks out to use your paid workshop time for his own photographic pursuits.  He makes his way through the darkness of the night to equally divide his attention and share his expertise to help everyone become a great night photographer. He tunes into everyone’s skill level quickly and works with everyone at their level.  And the locations are amazing.  This year I attended the Mono Lake and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Both were amazing!  Lassen is so much more of a beautiful location than I could have ever imagined.  And Brad really knows these locations, having spent many weeks or months in these areas to really know the area and the night sky.  Bottom line, Brad is the best.  I have already signed up for workshop number 5; still more to learn and experience.  Photography (and life) is about the journey, and Brad’s workshop makes the journey great!

  • Nancy

    In my search to find a Photographer to do a workshop with, I found Goldpaint Photography’s website… Brad’s photography is gorgeous. I felt a connection to his style, composition, subject and focus; so of course, I signed up for one of his trips. Now I am hooked!!!

    Brad takes you to some of the most breathtaking places. I have gone to Oregon Bend /Sisters area and Mono Lake. He has a wonderful disposition, is always happy and willing to help, and not impatient in anyway. I also love his cocoa and tea parties. The fact he focuses on you and not his own camera, is so respectful.

    His classes are great and the fact that he makes a booklet that you can follow along and then have to take home is a BONUS! I have taken other workshops with others who don’t do this and it is impossible to retain or even take enough notes.

    Clearly Brad Goldpaint… you are the BEST!! Can’t wait for next year’s schedule!

  • Greg

    I attended Brad’s Arches NP workshop in 2017 and his Mount Shasta workshop in 2018. I’ve also taken workshops with four other instructors. There is no comparison. I’m sure you have read that Brad does not carry a camera. Well, that’s a pretty big deal. He is continuously working one-on-one with everyone in the group, regardless whether you have requested his assistance he will be checking in with you the entire time in the field.

    Everyone who takes a workshop has some level of expectation of learning new skills and coming home with some great images. Brad taught me how to take my first panorama. It is an almost 180 degree pano of the full rainbow of the Milky Way with the full moon rising on the horizon about 3 a.m. in Central Utah. Stunning, and an extraordinary moment that I will remember till the day I die. Many thousands of shots later, that first pano is still my favorite image, and probably always will be.

  • Kathleen

    I have participated in three Goldpaint Photography Workshops over the last 5 years, learning new skills each time. From location choice to on-site and post-processing instruction, these classes are the BEST!  I appreciate that the groups are small and that Brad asks up front what each person wants out of the experience. Brad truly wants each person to have their own unique experience. Tending to his small groups, which will always range in experience and mobility, is no small feat and Brad manages it with skill and compassion. It has been so fun to part of the Brad Goldpaint evolution…  as his skills have grown and evolved, he has modified his teachings.  We all grow with Brad!

  • Esther

    I recently took a private workshop from Brad. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend it. It was by far the best workshop I’ve ever participated in.

    Prior to the workshop, Brad asked me for a list of things I wanted to cover and he succeeded in covering each topic.  The entire experience was tailored to my needs. Brad even brought his equipment in case mine malfunctioned, which it did!  He offered as much or as little assistance as I wanted and although we were on a time schedule, the pace was very relaxed & enjoyable. It was a lot of fun. I went on some exciting adventures & took some beautiful pictures in the process. I stayed at a cute Airbnb cabin adjacent to Brad & Marci’s home which made our meetings for the workshop very easy. 

    I’ve had editing questions since I’ve gotten back home and he’s kindly answered them. In short, it costs a bit more than a group workshop, but the experience is far better.

  • Thomas Piekunka

    Brad Goldpaint sets the standard by which other instructors should be judged. He walks you through the apps and planning process for the beautiful images he captures. He takes you to great locations and works with you to capture your own beautiful images. Then he walks through his processing workflow to help you render your images beautifully. He is patient, enthusiastic and meticulous, all the while staying upbeat and supportive. I would highly recommend ANY Goldpaint workshop.

  • Greg

    Having just finished my second workshop with Brad Goldpaint, words cannot describe the enjoyment, camaraderie, and experience I had during Brad’s workshop.  I met Brad a little over a year ago, and consider it a blessing.  He’s become more than just a workshop instructor, but a friend and mentor—to say the least: I am grateful I met him! 

    Brad’s passion about his clients/friends experience during his workshop is unsurpassed.  During this workshop—due to the fires in and around California—Brad revised some of the planned places to shoot in order to ensure that we received the best opportunity possible to photograph the night sky. As a result of Brad’s passion for his clients/friends, we not only experienced wonderful opportunities to photograph the night sky, but equally important was Brad’s thoroughly, meticulously structured, and detailed post processing section of the workshop.

    In summary, you’d be hard pressed to find an instructor who’s: as invested in you as you are in photographing the night sky, truly passionate about your experience, and equally passionate about our environment.  I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the night sky—at any level of experience—to explore the night sky with Brad Goldpaint.

  • John Watkins

    I just did my fourth workshop with Brad, so I’m certainly a satisfied student. This workshop focused on photographing the night sky while working with moon light, which was a new experience. It definitely expanded my horizons for when conditions are right to shoot the night sky. Brad is a great teacher who is continually expanding his knowledge and approach to night sky photography. Although many of the fundamentals I learned from Brad in my first workshop in 2013 still apply, I continue to learn more from Brad with every workshop. The amount of preparation that goes into Brad’s workshops is amazing.

  • Bob Shonkoff

    This should strike a chord with a few curious photographers out there. Street and travel photography have mostly been my niche but, as a city kid, I’ve always been intrigued with the beauty of Dark Sky and Milky Way photography. It was something I could never appreciate from my urban vantage point. A 3-day workshop with Brad Goldpaint allowed me to fulfill this dream. He is not just a brilliantly talented photographer, his knowledge of the night sky and his exhausting research to determine when and where to be for optimum shooting was impressive (especially when plans had to change due to weather). His enthusiasm and patience in both the field and classroom struck the perfect balance… and he’s also a good guy. As a Lightroom and desktop user (no laptop), I feared facing obstacles for the post production tutorial on the last day. After Brad taught through his clear workflow with a detailed step-by-step booklet for editing in Photoshop, I came home, loaded the images and proceeded to create my first draft composite and panorama. I know where they need work but Brad allowed me to get the images and gave me the tools, confidence and experience to move forward.

  • Don Parrott

    I always enjoy Brad’s workshops. The first thing that I really like is that he adapts seamlessly to each participant regardless of the level they are in photography. Secondly, Brad does an outstanding job of simplifying and teaching concepts – so that anyone can understand a complex solution, and he is more than willing to spend ample time working with each person personally. Not to mention, Brad is very welcoming and easy to get along with. I found the advice he shares throughout the workshop to be very insightful and helpful. Finally, I like it that he will try to help stretch you to learn and try new techniques or approaches, whether it is in post-processing or a different landscape perspective. This makes for a refreshing change from the normal classes.

    I give Brad’s workshop my absolute highest recommendation.

  • Diane

    I took the Mono Lake workshop in May 2018, my second one with Brad. Not only is Brad a great teacher and artist, but he is the soul of patience. I wish I had signed up for an additional workshop this year.

  • Patricia

    This is the second workshop of Brad’s that I have attended.  I am so glad I participated, as I learned new ways to capture night images, such as using photo stacking.  I am not a big PhotoShop user but Brad superbly explained both the
    photographing technique and the processing that is done afterwards, that I could process a fantastic image at home on my own.  I also was encouraged to get out of my “comfort zone” in composition and really explore what is in front of me in new ways!  Being out west at the Mono Lake, CA location gave us natural wonders to work with and awesome, clear and open sky. My photos from this workshop are a huge hit with my friends.  I look forward to attending more of Brad’s workshops in the future.

  • Dominique Myers

    What can I say other than incredible! Brad is such a great teacher. Each class has been meticulously planned out as he takes you to amazing locations that he’s researched to offer the best times, locations, and moon phases to maximize your experience. He helped me to elevate and hone my skills with patience and understanding while making it fun. I have had the pleasure of taking two classes with Brad, one in Oregon and the other in the Bisti wilderness where he showed me how to utilize the moon to illuminate my photos. He has a student for life with me and I truly can’t wait to take another workshop with him. Thank you Brad for helping me become a better photographer.

  • Katie B

    I wish I could do a workshop with Brad every weekend! I just returned from Lassen National Volcanic Park for a 3 day workshop. I hadn’t heard of the park before it was mentioned on this website so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The park is beautiful and quiet.  We had so many different landscapes to shoot from including the geothermal hot springs, high alpine lakes, jagged mountain peaks, as well as beautiful streams and wildflowers.  In addition to the sunset, the Milky Way, and star trails, we focused on using moonlight to illuminate the different landscapes as mentioned above. I have done one prior workshop with Brad in Joshua Tree and felt the the small groups in both Lassen and Joshua Tree really let me become more comfortable in my night photography. I’m amazed at how Brad is able to give personal attention to everyone and is always there to answer your questions. I’m looking forward to more workshops in 2018!

  • Tom Piekunka

    I had the privilege of joining Brad and a great group of other photographers out at the Bisti Wilderness in June.  The beauty and challenge of Bisti is its remoteness, requiring a couple mile hike in on sandy terrain, but the destinations are worth the effort.  In fact, they are overwhelming.  There are so many photographic opportunities and compositions, that one needs to take a deep breath and just explore the terrain and absorb it before scouting compositions.  The 5 day workshop I participated in only scratched the surface.  I look forward to going back.  I would highly recommend this workshop.  Already, ignorant/careless visitors are toppling hoodoos and adversely effecting this fragile environment.  See it, photograph it before it gets ruined.

  • Diane Ramthun

    I took Brad Goldpaint’s 5 day workshop on Madeline Island, August 14-18, 2017 ( through the Madeline Island School of the Arts.) I highly recommend Brad’s workshops for the following reasons. First, Brad helped me become a better photographer. Brad is a consummate teacher and brought home to me how to work my camera, develop a shooting location and process the photos. He and his extremely capable assistant, Glen Murray, spent so much individual time with each of us, getting to know and teaching us, that it felt like a private workshop.
    Second, at the end of the week, I felt energized and motivated and fascinated by photography and the night skies. Why? Because Brad and Glen worked to help me reach my vision of becoming a better photographer. And now I feel I have the tools and knowledge to move ahead.
    In the week since the workshop ended, my husband, who also took the workshop, and I have talked nonstop about it. We are presently planning a long trip to wilderness in Northern Lake Superior where we hope to capture the night skies. Brad’s workshop will make this possible.
    And finally, the day after the workshop ended, we headed out to photograph the MilkyWay over the Chequamagon National Forest. I got some lovely shots that I am processing. And that says it all… so just take a workshop. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Bill Mickle

    I have taken 3 workshops from Brad now: Bristlecone Pines, Oregon Badlands, and Bisti.  Brad is the consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable on the required techniques for night photography. He thoroughly researches locations, surrounding areas and their support infrastructure to get the most out of each workshop. While I have taken workshops from several professional photographers, he is the only one who leaves his camera behind so he can focus on each of the workshop participants and their particular needs.  He is always seeking us out, seeing how we’re doing, asking if we have questions, pushing us to be better photographers.  Additionally, he has an uncanny ability to impart his experiences and push me as a photographer to improve my skills.  This, coupled with his sense of humor, make for the most enjoyable workshops I have ever taken.  I’d highly recommend him for those of all skill levels and who want to improve their abilities to get fantastic night photography results. I plan to attend at least one workshop a year with Brad. #gottahavemorecowbell

  • Gordon MARTIN

    Brad is an amazing human being, and even better photographer, but wait it gets even better, he is a brilliant teacher and mentor. He was totally empathetic to every ones needs and went out of his way to accommodate everyone and absolutely neglecting none, I will be back next year for sure, I have got the best photographs I have ever taken and for that I thank you. Cheers.

  • Greg L.

    I had gotten into photography May 26th 2017, so I am very green in the world of photography.  Needless to say I’ve been hooked since getting into photography.  Having taken only one night scape photography workshop I was hooked, but also knew I had much to learn.  Like many, I would assume, finding out what workshops to take and who to take them from can be a very tedious and for lack of better words nerve racking.  We all hope to find an instructor who truly is passionate about teaching and offers not only a great destination for shooting but also an environment/syllabus that is truly conducive for teaching and learning.  I was fortunate enough to stumble across Brad’s website and work July 3rd 2017.  From the first phone call I had with Brad to the dinner after class on the last day Brad’s enthusiasm and passion about his work and participants never wavered.  He truly cares about his participants.  His class structure is very organized making learning a breeze, but also making everyone feel like they belong there.  As a beginner, there was never a time I did not feel like I didn’t get enough attention or that the class was “over” my head.  He really does a terrific job in every sense.  The places we had the opportunity to shoot at were amazing, and while he guides the class to these destinations he really puts an emphasis on safety and leaving “no trace” which is so very important.  If you’ve been thinking about taking a workshop with Brad, I would not hesitate, as like all of the other testimonials (which in my humble opinion are all spot on) you will find that he really does put his heart into his participants.  I’ve come away from the class learning so much about composition, how to plan a shoot at night and during the day, and processing.  Not to mention making many new friends, and exploring just a little bit more of this amazing country we live in.  I am already counting down the days to the next years workshop offerings.  Thank you Brad and Marci.

  • Bart

    I’ve taken 3 workshops with Brad — that alone should tell you how highly I think of him and his work.  As a bonus, I get to visit locations at night that I wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to visit on my own. 

    Before the 1st workshop and knowing almost nothing about astrophotography, I was a little nervous, wondering how the experience would be — staying up all night out in the cold, taking photos with strangers.  Although I expected to learn something from the workshops, I have been really surprised at just how much I learned!

    Brad puts his heart and sweat into these workshops.  And I have a very high personal opinion of him. 

    If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend participating in his workshops or one-on-one mentoring!

  • Anthony T. Festa

    I have been an admirer of Brad Goldpaint’s photography for several years, and decided to take one of his workshops last week in Utah. The opportunity to train under the world’s preeminent astro-photographer could not be passed.  It was the best investment of my time and money for my advancement as a photographer.  It is a rare occasion when a brilliant artist, like Brad, is able to convene his expertise to another in such a concise and easy to understand manner.  On location, Brad’s preparedness was unsurpassed. His use of technology to pinpoint our exact location and time to capture the night sky was impressive.  The patience he exhibited was incredible in making sure each student received his undivided attention.  Brad doesn’t take his camera equipment on his workshops, like other instructors, so that he can focus on the needs of his students.

    If you have been considering taking a workshop with Brad Goldpaint, I can tell you not to hesitate, and book the opportunity to learn from a master.  The photographs I created with the help of Brad are by far the best images I have ever taken.

    Thank you Brad!!

  • David Papp

    I had the pleasure of being able to attend one of Brad’s amazing workshops, 5 days in Moab. I can’t imagine the crazy number of factors that come into play when Brad organizes our evening shoots. The days, access to the parks, potential weather and backup locations/dates, where the sun will set, where the moon will set, where the milky way will be visible, what objects can be framed in, how much time to walk/drive between locations, etc. It is unfortunate that not everyone appreciates the huge amount of work put into trying to give the best experience to all who attend. We were very lucky with weather during the week, it didn’t look like it was going to be great up until the day before. Brad also supplied us with a great workbook to follow through for processing and also tips for night shooting settings. He has put this information together over years of trial and error.  Also his willingness to help at all times was greatly appreciated. Brad does not have a camera the entire time and we had some amazing opportunities that I am sure he would have loved to setup his own camera, who wouldn’t. He was fully dedicated to our group. I can’t say enough about how great this entire workshop was and it helped to have a great group who attended with me. Highly recommended to anyone considering attending.

  • Patricia Maccariella-Hafey

    I want to thank Brad for an outstanding Utah night sky photography workshop, which was beyond my expectations.  Brad’s work is phenomenal and I feel very blessed that I was able to learn from him. I researched many professionals before signing up for a night sky workshop and Brad’s work stood a part from the rest. I am what I call a “perpetual” amateur photographer, so don’t get to spend as much time as I would like behind the camera or in processing. I have to admit I was feeling intimidated as I went to the first group meeting. However that feeling was gone once Brad began his instruction.  He was patient and calming, answering all of my questions, no matter how basic.  He was able to tend to all of the individuals easily given the differing levels of experience. His teaching style and materials were very easy to follow.  I had never photographed the night sky before other than the moon, nor had I ever taken “pano” photographs.  Brad made it easy to learn. I actually had tears of joy in my eyes when I completed processing my very first Milky Way panorama in PhotoShop on my own, thanks to Brad’s excellent instruction.  I am excited to attend another workshop. So if you are a new photographer or a perpetual amateur photographer like I am, don’t hesitate to sign up for any of Brad’s workshops!  You will enjoy every moment and come away with more skill and confidence than you could get on your own. And you will have an awesome time with the group.

  • Stu Fabe

    Brad, I want to thank you so much for the great workshop that you provided our group in Utah.  I’ve only been photographing the night sky for about a year and feel absolutely in awe of the spectacles above.  Your workshop provided a great opportunity to learn new techniques, both in taking the images and in post-processing.  Beyond that, your personal teaching style and your ability to connect well with people made this workshop a special experience.  As an alumnus, I hope to join you for another workshop or perhaps some private instruction.  Rest assured your workshop booklet will receive much close scrutiny, as I think you did a terrific job creating it.  It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you. You are a true master at your art.

  • Mike Caplan

    You’ll likely see more celestial beauty than you ever imagined-but the true “star” of a Goldpaint Photography Night Sky Workshop is Brad himself.  Your experience begins with thorough and organized booking, including comprehensive pre-workshop instructions covering everything from gear required to the scheduled itinerary.  Upon arrival, you’ll find Brad to be exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and adaptive to the shooting environment.  In my case, this involved a change of plans due to closures in Arches N. P.  Brad kept us posted on this as our workshop drew near, and offered our group the opportunity to have an extra night shooting (free of charge) to maximize our shooting. As a fellow instructor, I was impressed with Brad’s patience and flexibility in dealing with photographers of varying abilities. I’m certain all in my group came away from Utah with “stellar” images!  I’d never taken any Milky Way shots prior to the Goldpaint Photography workshop.  This trip expanded my skill set and the night sky beckons again.  I envision another few nights out with Brad in the future.  I learned so much from him-except how he is able to run around the hoodoos and arches without his headlamp on!  I’ll have another mocha coffee at 2am please!

  • Raghu Yadavalli

    Night Sky has become more fascinating for me after taking Brad’s Joshua Tree workshop. This is my first workshop with Brad and I could not be more happier with the way he conducted and provided personalized instructions to our group. Right from the moment I booked the workshop and until the post processing session, everything was professional and per schedule. During our 2 night Joshua Tree workshop, we only had 1 partly clear night and the other night was overcast. So, Brad effectively managed the entire group, switched us between locations for different compositions allowing us to get the most of the clear night conditions before the clouds crept in. On the other overcast night, Brad taught us new techniques to capture abstract photographs of the foreground objects and night sky. I strongly feel Brad’s post processing sessions are very informative, easy to understand and also hugely essential to finally land us with the photographs that aligns with our vision of the night sky. I had learnt many nitty gritty details about night sky photography which made me more confident today to attempt for challenging compositions.

    Finally, I am extremely satisfied with the workshop and pleasure to have met Brad.  I cannot wait to comeback again for his future workshops.

  • Zach Grether

    Whether you’re looking for inspiration, hands-on instructions, hands-off instructions, guidance, or just a fun time with like-minded people, Brad’s workshops provide that and more (can’t leave out the 2am mochas!).  One of the more impressive aspects I’ve noticed is that Brad rarely if ever brings his camera with him because it’s a teaching moment for him and he truly grasps that and makes it obvious that he’s there for you.  His down to earth and warm personality make it easy and fun to learn as many of the techniques as you want, he doesn’t hold anything close to his vest and wants you to get the most out of your experience.  So whether you’re new to it or a seasoned veteran, Brad provides the best nightscape photography workshop experience out there.  And you’ll probably find yourself signing up for more.

    • Greg Soule

      Having been sick for the last two years I have been unable to get out and do any shooting. Since I already have 2 alumni workshops with Brad I contacted him about getting back into the game. He recommended the Joshua Tree workshop as one I could do. Brad did not disappoint. As usual he provided a well organized and run program. He has come a long way from the first workshop I took and he now provides additional instructions for Star Trails, Panoramas and Blending post production. You can’t go wrong by taking one of his workshops. Hope to see all of you at another of his workshops.

  • Steve Barger

    Anyone serious about learning night sky photography should take a Brad Goldpaint Workshop. Brad is a masterful teacher – knowledgeable – personable – and skilled at breaking down the techniques of night sky photography so that each student, regardless of their skill level, can easily understand. If you decide to attend to a Brad Goldpaint Workshop, be prepared to work hard, learn, have fun, and leave with several gallery quality images. There are very few workshop instructors with the dedication that Brad has to providing individual attention to each participant. Highly recommended!

  • Carol Zychowski

    Brad’s Milky Way Workshops are outstanding. He is very well organized and knows the area with the best times and positions to make the best images. Brad works well with all skill levels, making it possible for everyone to have opportunities for success. He went beyond what I expected by having us arrive a day early and leave a day late so he can adjust the workshop nights if weather is unfavorable.

    Brad’s classroom sessions are taught with a clear, logical approach, again enabling everyone to be successful.

    I loved the way he worked with people in our group and others who were in our shooting area. He was so calm and respectful that he prevented potential problems from arising.

    I am so impressed that I have been anxiously awaiting the new schedule so I can immediately sign up for other trips.

  • Jonathan Adams

    I have taken many photography workshops, but I can honestly say that Brad Goldpaint’s workshops have been my favourite.  Not only is Brad an excellent teacher, but the warmth, kindness and care and attention that he gives to each participant is unparalleled.  He is generous in sharing his knowledge and clearly loves helping each person learn and grow as much as possible, so they can express their artistic vision.

    It is very rare indeed to find a workshop leader who does not bring his own camera so that he can give his undivided attention to the participants.  His commitment to participant learning is very genuine, and the sense of fun is a bonus.

    There is a reason so many students return for alumni trips.  I cannot recommend Goldpaint workshops highly enough for learning how to beautifully photograph the world under the stars.  I have had the good fortune to join Brad Goldpaint on three workshops, and I can’t wait to do another.

  • Bruce Hausmann

    I attended the Ancient Bristlecone Forrest workshop in June. I was really impressed by the amount of preparation Brad had put into this. He had personally scouted the areas, so there was no guesswork when we got there. He knew exactly which areas had the best potential. I appreciated the personal assistance with camera settings, framing of elements and small details. It’s obvious that Brad is an expert at Astro-photography. It was a little surprising that he did all of the work himself. I can’t say enough about his helpfulness in ensuring everyone’s (including me) safety. I was amazed that he was able to arrange for no clouds that night.  Unlike other workshops I’ve attended, Brad was not there to take pictures. He focused all of his time on seeing to it that we came away with good images. At the post processing meeting, the booklet everyone received was text book quality. All processing was detailed in a step by step matter. I highly recommend his workshops. The best I’ve ever attended.

  • Dominique Myers

    I have been wanting to do Brad’s night photography classes for years since the first time I saw his milky way shot over Crater Lake in Oregon. I finally had the opportunity to go to the Cascade Range class Aug 25-27, 2016 and have never been so pleased to learn about the night sky and astrophotography. Brad made it clear and easy to learn for all ages and ranges of experience in shooting photographs. I have learned so much from him- from understanding how to find the Milky Way to scouting out and getting that perfect shot. I did not feel for one moment like I wasn’t having fun or learning something new. I felt confident that Brad could help me with any questions about the night sky and how to continue to capture without any instructor around. He gave us all of the information needed to be fully prepared for the class, including finding the Milky Way, taking star trails, and post processing to make the photographs pop. It has been wonderful to have the workbook he provides for you to go back after the exhausting nights and have everything at your fingertips away from class. I’ve told people to take this class and look forward to taking another one from him as soon as I can! I also can’t wait for more of Brad’s special java! I have never been so excited to go out and capture the night sky anywhere else in the world. I have become addicted to being out late at night to see what more I can capture. Thank you Brad and Marci, I am looking forward to the next class I can take!

  • Tim Herring

    One of the unsung best benefits of taking a Goldpaint Workshop is becoming a member of the Goldpaint Alum.  You will continue to reap benefits being associated with this community of talented photographers, novice to professionals. Having taken a traditional workshop, qualifies you for attending an Alumni workshop.  The basics of night sky photography are quickly re-visited in an Alum workshop so no one is left behind, then more advanced techniques are taught – focus stacking, more complicated panoramas, etc. In the post processing Alum session, the collaboration from members add to the techniques Brad is presenting. We all benefited from the experience of the attendees.

    This was my third workshop with Brad.  Brad continues to add to his curriculum so it challenges those with experience. Brad’s skill as an instructor has grown over the past 4 years. He embraces and advances the students individual passions, mine is fish-eye night photography, while staying on track with the agenda of the workshop.  Brad is an instructor that is flexible, empathetic, technically adept with a passion for his art.
    I am fortunate and in a unique position to speak to several of Brad’s instruction styles, having taken 3 classes.
    I highly recommend Brad Goldpaint’s Workshops, whether in private one-on-one instruction, one of his traditional workshops, or in an Alumni Workshop.

  • David K

    I did the Crater Lake workshop with Brad July 28-30, 2016.  This was my 6th photo workshop or tour over the past 15 years (each with different instructors), and was by far the most educational and inspiring.  I think the aspects that made it particularly outstanding included:
    a. The topic and geographic area were very limited.
    b. The shoots were meticulously planned, and each location yielded some beautiful images and our time was very efficiently used.
    c. Brad didn’t bring a camera to the shoots and and therefore focused entirely on teaching.
    d. He paid attention to every student at every location and geared his teaching to their level of sophistication.
    e. Brad’s post-processing instruction was very focused, very well-organized, clearly presented, and accompanied by a clearly written, beautifully illustrated manual.
    It was an experience I will treasure–Thanks Brad!

  • Dave

    Brad’s artistry and photographic skill is obvious, but teaching a workshop is a wholly different thing. So it was a wonderful revelation to learn that he is just as talented at teaching. The workshop was a wonderful time — educational, revelatory, and a lot of fun!

    Brad strikes a balance that’s quite difficult for many instructors, teaching very technical skills while never losing sight of the art and emotion in the photography. He teaches technique quite well, always with a rock-solid understanding of “why,” but never becoming dogmatic and always encouraging experimentation. He’s great at managing logistics and class dynamics, and is unflappable at handling any complications of weather or other external factors. He makes a difficult job look quite easy.

    Most importantly, the workshop is a lot of fun. I learned a tremendous amount, and worked hard, but I had a great time doing it. That’s thanks to wonderful classmates, but most of all to Brad. He’s a great teacher! I highly recommend attending his workshops if you have the chance.

  • Michael Duncan, Ph.D.

    I really enjoyed the nighttime photo workshop in Arches National Park led by Brad Goldpaint.  Brad has a wonderful, infectious enthusiasm about nighttime photography and gives practical, useful advice concerning the tools that are needed for planning nighttime photography as well for the actual camera parameters that are used in the field.  He is patient and attentive to his workshop participants and has a wealth of experience to share.  Especially useful to me was the processing tutorial Brad gave at the end of the workshop, something that is needed to bring out the full quality of the nighttime photos.  I will be looking for an opportunity to go on another workshop led by Brad.

  • George Barrett

    Not all great artists make great teachers. In the case of Brad Goldpaint, both are true. Brad masterfully creates images of the night sky and provides the thoughtful and thorough guidance to create your own. Give him your attention and he’ll give you all the tools and techniques you need — the rest is up to you.

  • Trina

    I took Brad’s night sky photography workshop in Arches National Park. A friend of mine is a camera geek and Brad’s class was on her list because she wanted to learn how to capture the night sky. I know zero about using a camera or filming, but as a friend I was willing to go give it a try. Well let me tell you, Brad shines as bright as the stars as he teaches you how to shoot & operate your equipment. My friend walked away knowing so much more than when we started the class. She is one happy person! On the way home she said she will take another class with Brad in the future. Job well done!

    As for me, I have photos in my camera I never in my wildest dreams thought I could capture. Brad has a passion for our night skies and made sure every student went home with stars in there suitcase… ok cameras! Even me, the one who only knew how to push a button, got to bring home breathtaking images. My eyes saw such beauty, my ears heard such knowledge, and my camera walked away with both! My soul loved this class!

    Brad I want to thank you for all the work it takes to put on a class of this sort. It is no easy task to make sure advanced students walk away with more knowledge and others with less experience walk away with new knowledge and great pictures!

  • Don Parrott

    I enjoyed all aspects of your class, including your techniques and perspectives. Your explanations on Photoshop and Bridge were well done. It is clear that anyone, regardless of skill level could benefit from this class. I especially liked your explanations – whether it was Photoshop, Bridge, or exposure – there was a reason and methodology to them. I liked the clear instructions and was impressed with your precise explanations. I think it would be worth paying for another copy of your workbook when additional changes are made because as you mentioned, improvements always are a possibility.  As a current Scouter and Eagle Scout, your concern for the group’s togetherness and safety was apparent.  Your communicating to everyone that they should be looking out for each other was good, and your refreshments were great. That was above what we were expecting. I think that the information you provided showed how to solve various problems that could arise. I liked it that the class was not just about getting the settings and pressing the shutter, it was about the planning, the composition, camera settings, light painting, weather forecasting, and post processing – aside from having a great time. I really like that you seemed to be trying to ensure that everyone got, not only the basic exposure, but what to think about if it did not meet their expectations. I would come on another of your classes in a heartbeat! Joy and I liked everything about the class, especially that it was conducted very professionally without any off-color remarks or stories. We know that you spent much time in class preparation and it shows. The only thing I wished I knew before the class was how poor the lens I brought was. While I am not a focus fanatic, focus is a big deal to me and I probably would have brought some other lens knowing what I know now. Thanks again for all your work in advance of the class and all you did to make everyone successful. We also enjoyed your vision of our great outdoors. We are looking forward to the finished video and want to get one.

  • Brannon

    If you can imagine how much time and detail goes into any of Brad’s photos, you will get a sample of what a workshop will be like.  The workshop was very thorough and covered all aspects of night photography.  Brad is very well organized and an excellent instructor – not to mention an all-around great guy!

    It’s always great to see someone follow their bliss and have it pay off enormously! Brad is the real deal.  His knowledge of night photography and photography in general is apparent in his photos and he shares his knowledge with you as a student.  I found myself trying to listen to all that he had to share and I valued any time we had out in the field as he is a fountain of knowledge about night photography!

    I attended a workshop in Arches National Park in 2016.  Mother Nature was not on our side, but we still walked away with some great photos and Brad went the extra mile to make sure we got them!  He is a very detail orientated individual and he applies that to his photographs and workshops.  The workshop covered all aspects of night photography including planning your shot, composition, camera settings, light painting, and post processing.  You will walk away with the knowledge and confidence to go out and explore the night skies on your own!

    I will be attending a future workshop and I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone without hesitation!

  • Rob Hazzard

    There are a lot of excellent photographers out there, and there are a lot of excellent teachers out there. Brad is both.

    I recently attended a workshop in Arches National Park. Often, it’s human nature to look so forward to an event that by the time the event arrives, you end up a bit disappointed, or as the famous astrophotographer MacBeth put it, “Anticipation is greater than realization.” That was NOT the case with this workshop. Despite the marginal weather, the workshop was everything I had expected and more. Not only did I learn some easy to implement technical skills (and Brad always included the ‘whys’ with the ‘whats,’ which I appreciate a LOT), but we discussed composition and how to make our photographs stand out from those of the masses. I also learned a lot more about how my own camera works and explored some features I didn’t really understand.

    The classroom portions were well organized and Brad stressed that should feel welcome to stop him at any time and ask questions.

    As a side note, a fellow classmate and I stuck around for an extra evening to take advantage of the clearest skies of the week. We met up at our first location with some other astrophotographers, and it is not a stretch to say that based on our observations, we were the experienced ones.

    I had originally expected this workshop to be a one-time opportunity to learn, but it only whet my appetite. I look forward to returning to another workshop in the future!

    Do it!

  • Russell Uresti

    Before taking Brad’s workshop, I had attempted to photograph the night sky a couple of times. I had done a bunch of research online but my images just weren’t coming out. I picked Brad’s hoping to learn what I was doing wrong and to gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to go out on my own and take the photographs I wanted. I specifically chose this workshop because it lasted a couple of nights and covered several different techniques (normal photographs, panoramas, and star trails/time lapse).

    The workshop was great. I got some pictures I really like, and I feel like I can go out on my own and reproduce the results. Plus I’m now aware of a number of tools that will help me plan my shoots and not just capture the night sky, but to know when/where certain interesting celestial objects will be to make my pictures more exciting.

    I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in understanding how to capture the night sky and I can say that, as a beginner, I was able to get some great shots.

  • Liz Callahan

    I had the pleasure to work with Brad during the Joshua Tree photography workshop on March 4-6, 2016.  Brad smartly suggested we get there a day early and be able to stay a day later in case the weather was not cooperative. It was a good call, because we did have some clouds that weekend.  Extra time meant more outings to capture the night sky with and without clouds. I also appreciated during our early evening on Thursday, during the crash course since we starting a day early, Brad showed us photos of the spots we were going to with clouds in it, reassuring us the evening was still going to be a great opportunity for beautiful photos; the focus was just more on the foreground versus stars. 

    That night I had been up from 6am Thursday until 5am Friday and I would not have been able to pull it off without Brad’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and positive energy. I even climbed up on some tall rocks to get a shot done, in spite of my fear of heights, because I knew Brad had my back. 

    From our crash course Thursday evening, the formal class Friday morning, and our photo editing class on Sunday, Brad was a incredible teacher going step by step on how to successfully take a shot, capture the foreground and background, and how to appropriately edit the photos without them looking inorganic.  He was patient, had clear explanations, and good feedback to build up our skills for nighttime photography. 

    I consider myself a novice in photography and I was able to keep up with others who have been doing photography for years, so I never felt I was out of my league during this workshop. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to know how to use a camera properly however if you have never done night time photography, don’t let that discourage you.

    Brad also provided a very helpful guidebook on how to edit your photos. We could follow along during the Sunday class, take notes, and know when I got home I wouldn’t feel lost. I left the workshop confident I’ll be able to bring out the best in my photos thanks to that handy guide. 

    Bonus: once you have completed the workshop, you are invited to join the private Goldpaint Photography Alumni Facebook Group to get ongoing feedback on your photos from fellow students who have attended Brad’s workshops. I have already posted a photo and got great feedback.

    I definitely recommend Brad’s workshops and I look forward to taking another one with him. 10/10.

  • Vahe Ohanian

    I really learned a lot. Brad wants you to explore your own composition ideas. I am an amateur photographer. However, my knowledge increased which empowered me to do more. Brad’s classes are almost individualized because he doesn’t bring his own camera. He is not distracted in helping you. I needed that kind of learning experience and worth every penny.

  • Evan Kokoska

    Brad is a quintessential stud when it comes to night photography.  I totally loved his tips and insights from his years of experience shooting the night skies.  He has a laid back personality which totally “works” and is critical when shooting LS and night scenes with ever changing weather.  He is always encouraging and is a huge asset within the pro photo community – he is confident in his work but not cocky or condescending – thus he has the perfect combination.  Thank you Brad for the time and all the effort you put into these workshops and I look forward to seeing you in the Eastern Sierras.

  • Nikki Lockett

    Brad’s workshop is quite an experience.  The location was great not only for the workshop but also for daytime activities.  Brad is great at explaining things in detail and at a level that is easy to understand.  He is very patient and answers all questions that come at him.  The best part of the workshop for me was Brad’s thorough, step-by-step directions about how to plan an outing, which accounts for a huge part of having a successful shoot.  He provides a step-by-step post-processing booklet that has been very useful to me post-workshop and saves time having to write everything down (and eliminating an issue I have had with past workshops of not remembering what I meant with what I wrote down!).  I highly recommend his workshop – not only will it help refine one’s photography skills, it will create great memories that will last a life time and that not very many people get to experience along with getting to photo-geek-out with fellow astrophotographers.

  • David

    I have just come home from my first Goldpaint Photography workshop and I have to say that it was beyond my expectations. If you’re a photographer with an interest in capturing the night sky, you won’t find a better way to learn the necessary skills. Not only is Brad an extremely talented photographer, he is also a great instructor who is happy to share his knowledge both in the field and in the classroom.

    Brad’s attention to detail is also impressive, from the comprehensive processing guide he provides, to the hot drinks he makes on his camp stove in the middle of the night while you’re waiting for your star trail sequence to finish.

    The workshop locations also contribute to the experience. Brad has done his homework and he knows where to be and when to be there so you can really explore your creative potential and come home with some truly impressive images.

    All in all, I can’t recommend Brad’s workshops highly enough. Whether you’re new to night sky photography or simply want to take your skills to the next level and build your portfolio, don’t hesitate to register for one of these workshops (and don’t wait because they sell out quickly).

  • Jennie Key

    A fellow phtoographer had told me about Brad and his workshop approximately three years ago. This same photographer asked me along while he duplicated what he had learned in Brad’s class at Crtater Lake in Oregon. I was immediately smitten. I hadn’t been to a park such as this since I was 7 years old and the very thought of capturing the stars was humbling to say the least. On this same trip, Brad met us to talk about other locations in Oregon worth seeing. His story, passion and sincerity were beyond words.

    I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone (photographer or nature lover) if you want to learn more about shooting in the dark AND our amazing planet. I will definitely take another class and thanks to Brad….I’ll ALWAYS be looking up to the sky!

  • Brent Mackey

    This was my first “non portrait” photography workshop and I’d never attempted night photography before. While I’ve been an avid photographer for more than 40 years I came to Brad’s workshop a true novice in this photography venue.

    Brad’s amazing knowledge and passion for night photography was infectious. His attention to detail and step by step teaching style made for both an enjoyable and enlightening experience. While the weather during our 3 day workshop didn’t always cooperate, Brad made the very best of every day and went out of the way to make certain all of the participants came away with a great experience.

    I left the workshop with a confidence in shooting the night sky. A couple days after the workshop my friend and fellow workshop participant, Jennie Key and I shot the Milky Way at Castle Valley the night before we left for home. I loved the images we captured which in great measure was due to Brad’s teaching and technics.

    I would highly recommend Brad’s workshops for both those who, like myself, want to learn about Astrophotography as well as those more experienced who want to refine their skills.

  • Tim Herring

    Having taken a private workshop outside Bend, OR from Brad in 2012, I was very excited to attend a full 3 day workshop in Arches National Park in April of 2015.
    The private workshop jump-started my night sky photography skills. The 3-day workshop was fantastic. In the intervening three years, Brad has refined his teaching techniques, nailed down the organization of the material he presents, added new material and still maintains flexibility when weather and circumstances dictate it is needed. The benefit of a workshop is the interaction and input from the other participants, there are so many perspectives to consider.  Brad varies the locations that you shoot from throughout the night, yet is organized so you are wasting no time. When the weather clouds over, or throws a thunderstorm at us, we shelter safely and adjust the schedule to accommodate these interruptions.

    Brad remains a passionate artist. His eye for composition, flexibility and technical skills have grown and matured over time. Brad is a thoughtful and wonderful guide to help you shoot the night sky. I highly recommend his workshops!

  • Steve Kalman

    I’ve been to two other workshops over the past few years. This was my third and was so much better than the others I’m having trouble finding words. Here’s my top ten reasons to sign up for one of his workshops.

    1. small group (8)
    2. Great (!) instructor
    3. Total focus on student work and learning (Brad didn’t even bring his own camera)
    4. Well planned. As in “go here first for star trails, then to this other spot for the moon rising and finally to a third place for the milky way”
    5. Many post processing techniques covered along with details on how to shoot (F-stop, ISO, duration) plus use of an intervalometer.
    6. Extensive light painting by Brad as we shot, plus instruction on how to be the light painter for others (even coverage, avoiding hot spots, etc)
    7. Great post processing techniques and a take home booklet with step by step instructions.
    8. He even managed to arrange for clear skies (your mileage might vary on that one). But to be serious, he suggested that we all arrive a day early and be prepared to stay a day late just in case of bad weather. No workshop has ever offered that to me before.
    9. Brad even packed in water and a stove and used them to make coffee/tea/cocoa at our break. It wasn’t wasted time, though. Our cameras were shooting star trails while we were resting.
    10. There’s even a private alumni community on FaceBook where we can show our work and even get suggestions/critiques, but only if we ask for them.

    I thought staying up all night would be too difficult for me and that I’d need to go snooze in the car at some point. Forget that. Although tired, I didn’t want to step away for a minute. The time just flew by. We ended around 4AM, but some of the group just kept on shooting and went off to shoot sunrise. Brad even had good suggestions for them on where to go to get the best compositions.

  • Douglas DeVoto

    After attempting to capture the Milky Way on my own, I realized that I needed to find a class to help me with my technique. I was drawn to Brad’s photography, but I did not know what to expect from his workshop. I immediately knew I made the right decision when Brad went out of his way to adjust our schedule around inclement weather. Both in-field shooting nights and post-processing tutorials were filled with his knowledge that he has gained over years of experimentation. I appreciate how open he was with his photography workflow and that he never brought a camera to shooting nights. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Brad to experience his passion for the night sky and to learn everything you need to know about astrophotography.

  • Lynn Clauer

    The universe unfolds as night falls and our minds expand to capture the beauty before us…  Here I am profoundly moved at the same time I am learning – this is the classroom that dreams are made of and the landscape offers no boundary to infinite inspiration and possibilities to create amazing photos.  With instruction, encouragement, empowerment, and guidance from Brad, this experience is absolutely phenomenal.  I am so glad I chose to take another workshop (ps – that is a testament in and of itself)!

    The workshop I just completed was the Central Oregon workshop (5 day).  It was amazing and we were very blessed to have had the flexibility that Brad so generously afforded us when faced with weather issues.  A day early on the front end afforded us clear skies at Crater Lake and another shoot added to the end of the workshop gave us clear skies for Sparks Lake and surrounding area.  (A shout out to Marci for her patience with our weather extended days – she is amazing and the 2 of them are an incredible team!)

    I know it has all been said in many ways, however it is worth repeating.  Brad is passionate about what he does and he is equally passionate about making our learning experience valuable and productive.  He takes time to find out what each individual is looking for from each workshop.  For example, I came away from my three day workshop and realized that the post production masking process was confusing me.  I knew I needed to gain a greater understanding.  Brad made a point of making sure I was comfortable with this piece (and I made a point to execute a few outside of class).  Also, I would like to note that Brad had already updated the post processing book since my last workshop improving and adding clarity to the masking section…  He is all about the student.

    You may be reading these testimonials considering a workshop now or when they are offered again (there will be a break in 2015, so don’t delay and miss the slots that are open).  If so, I cannot emphasize how important it is that Brad limits his class size and that he does not bring his own equipment.  He is not shooting, he is there to help you understand and learn to capture the night sky yourself.  As for our locations – Brad is killer at scoping where and when to capture amazing night sky shots.  Furthermore, he will share how you can use tools to find your own sweet spots to capture down the road.

    Come prepared, focus and learn from the best.  I loved the 2 workshops I have taken and will no doubt be enticed to grab another once the future calendar is revealed. This is not because I need more training to shoot the night sky – I have been able to do so right in my own VT backyard…  rather, I enjoy the locations Brad chooses and the camaraderie that he inspires and I am sure that as my post processing skills improve independently, I will benefit from new insights because Brad, with his small class size, works to teach to the various levels of the students (first and foremost covering the basics and expanding scope as time and student interest allow).

    Brad and Marci – Thanks for another amazing workshop!  Whenever I am shooting night sky I will smile knowing that we are likely enjoying the same sky from different perspectives until we meet again.  Please keep the blogs coming so we can follow your future adventures.

  • Ian Jones

    Having seen Brad’s epic time-lapse video, Within Two Worlds, I had to learn more and looked up his website where I saw many more of his world class images. Being someone who likes to try things on my own and already having the right camera and lenses, I went to a ‘not so dark’ site near my home in Franklin, Tennessee to try and see if I could capture something similar. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.

    What Brad does is to photograph under very dark sky sites combining interesting and spectacular scenery with a detailed knowledge of the night sky that puts him in the best spot to get the images he is famous for. Added to this are techniques that he has refined using cutting edge editing software to create the stunning images he is famous for. What he does in his workshops is to share this knowledge with people with all ranges of photography skills how to do exactly the same thing.

    The way each day is structured allows for plenty of time to take a lot of pictures with everything coming together at the end of the course when he goes through and shares his editing techniques allowing the students to create some truly stunning images on their own.

    Best of all, Brad is a really nice guy. On the workshop I did at Crater Lake last month, he even got the group together and added a day to the workshop as there was a very good chance to see the aurora borealis the night before the official workshop began. 

    What this means is that people attending one of his his workshops will walk away with the ability to create stunning night sky photographs on their own. Best of all, the workshops are interesting and a ton of fun. I am definitely planning on doing a longer workshop next time.

  • Keith Lisk

    I just completed my second 5-day workshop with Brad at Crater Lake and Central Oregon, and it was just as fun and informative as the first one. Brad was willing to rearrange the entire itinerary in order to provide us with the best weather conditions for night photography, which included an extra night at Crater Lake. He is genuinely concerned that each student leaves with the knowledge and skills necessary for creating beautiful images of the night sky.

  • Anne Wong

    Thanks Brad for another learning opportunity. I learned so much more this time. The joy and fulfillment to have captured a good photo of the Milky Way will have to last me till another workshop in 2016.  I love to learn, and you are providing me with ample opportunity to do so.  Thank you for your patience in dealing with less than perfect equipment, fumbling fingers, and slow uptake. The post processing sessions were also terrific.  Chris and I have both taken lessons on Photoshop.  The fact that you figured out the ins and outs of Photoshop on your own makes your tips far more intuitive and easy to apply. We are looking forward to more workshops in 2016!

  • Emil Davidzuk

    I give Brad Goldpaint’s Night Sky Photography Workshop “Two Thumbs Up” !!

    Brad is one of the most skilled night photographers in the world. When you combine the knowledge gained from his experience with excellent communication skills and a great disposition for teaching; I guarantee that you will learn a lot about shooting the night sky once you work with Brad. At our recent shoot at Crater Lake, we photographed the Milky Way and we took source images for composites, panoramas, and star trails as well as doing light painting key land features. Brad made sure our compositions were on the mark by working one-on-one with each of us. He showed us how he plans out his shots using tools available on the web so we can be self-sufficient after the workshop. On the last day, Brad spent the afternoon showing us how to process the images we had taken earlier using the techniques he uses to process the same type of imagery. This was one of the best workshops that I have ever attended and I recommend attending one of his workshops if you would like to learn how to take great pictures of the night sky.

  • Kelly M.

    Thanks for a great Crater Lake workshop, Brad. I really appreciate you coming out a day early, so we could have a chance to capture the Aurora. This was my first night photography workshop and I’ve learned so much, not only about the technical aspects of what makes a good night shot, but also about my camera. In addition, I also came away with some great shots of the Milky Way, star trails, panoramas, composites and light painting! Thanks for your patience and knowledge. I would highly recommend your workshop to others who are considering night photography.

  • Sashikanth Chintla

    I took my first workshop with Brad in 2013 that was when i captured my first real Milkyway shot. The 3 days spent with Brad gave me enough knowledge on night sky and how to capture milky way and star trails. Over last one year the knowledge i have gained helped me to take better photographs and i got better at what i was doing.

    in Feb i saw the time lapse footage posted by Brad and it got me excited to do time-lapse photography of the night sky. Brad was very helpful in providing all the details for buying the right gear and also on how to use it. I was able to produce my first time lapse by July just before the Glacier National workshop.

    GNP was a 5 day workshop focusing on Milkyway and star trails for first 3 days and then 2 full days on time-lapse and editing. I was more focused on time-lapse and Brad ensured i get what i wanted.

    We had a awesome 5 days experience at GNP, Brad made every effort to help us get what we wanted. Weather was not co operative so Brad had an extra night before the workshop and one after the workshop. Brad is all about ensuring to give us the experience and knowledge we sign up for, you will never come out of his workshop disappointed. He also ensures to provide some hot tea and coffee during the night which is a added bonus :).

    No matter what skill level you have, you will learn something new from his workshop. I would highly recommend to sign up for his workshop if you want to learn Astro photography.

    I am already looking forward for the 2016 workshop schedule.

  • Jake Carroll

    I just completed a 3 day workshop with Brad this last weekend. This was my first introduction to night sky photography, and it was truly fantastic. Brad is a wonderful teacher, extremely knowledgable, patient, and very attentive to ensuring his students get the most out of the workshop. If you are interested in learning how to capture the night sky, I recommend Brad’s workshops wholeheartedly and without any reservations!

  • Amy Shutt

    Thanks so much, Brad, for such a fantastic Crater Lake workshop. I really learned a lot and had a great time. We had such a fantastic group, which was a plus. You are an excellent instructor and throughout your instruction the three things that I constantly recognized in you were how clear, concise, and calm you were. You are extremely articulate, easy to follow and did a great job dealing with a group of photographers of mixed levels. I came away with images I love and a brand new set of skills to further my photography. I couldn’t be happier. I really hope to join you again soon.

  • Sergio Garcia Rill

    I just took my first workshop with Brad as a person with some knowledge of how to shoot and focus in the dark and I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge, patience and experience from Brad.
    He identified right away that I had some experience so he focused on trying to teach me some advanced techniques for shooting panoramas and other techniques I wasn’t familiar with (like preventing condensation on the lens or shooting 3-axis timelapse sequences).
    He’s got a great deal of experience not only for shooting, but also for planning, scouting and post-processing; and I would really encourage anyone with the interest on shooting nightscapes to consider taking a workshop with Brad, he’ll do everything in his power to make sure you learn something valuable and get some great shots out of it.

  • Bart

    I took the workshop earlier this month in the Alabama Hills/Mono Lake/Bristlecone Forest…

    Before I signed up, I was a little bit unsure of whether I should sign up, what I would learn, whether I would enjoy it, whether it was worth it, etc.

    Let me start by saying that I learned a crapload from Brad.  Seriously. 

    He’s passionate about what he does; he spends individual time with each student; he & Marci have their ducks in a row as far as how it’s organized; he gives you reference materials to take with you; and it was just a lot of fun. 

    Where else can you hang out at 3AM with Ents in Patriarch Grove?  I hadn’t seen so many stars since I was a wee lad.

    I had a lot of fun talking to Brad — he’s one of the good guys.  So if you’re on the fence, I’d give a hearty recommendation to you to take the class.

  • Sandy Radom

    In April, 2014, I attended a Landscape Astrophotography workshop with Brad Goldpaint in Arches National Park. It was truly a wonderful experience. Brad is a phenomenal teacher and most passionate about his nighttime photography. He’s the kind of guy who is very easy to get along with, eager to teach and because of this, the workshop was a fabulous learning experience. Brad was willing to stay out with us for as long as we wanted, much beyond the scheduled time. He even added another nighttime shoot because of weather issues. After shooting, we moved into the classroom where Brad provided us with a fabulous syllabus which covered all the topics related to capturing the nighttime sky and processing our images.Not only did I learn how to capture the night sky but, I came away with a new appreciation for nighttime photography. My images were great due to his tutelage. I will continue to follow his schedule and plan another workshop with Brad in the near future.

  • Melany Sarafis

    I am fascinated with the night sky, and for the last year, I’ve been trying to capture it in photos with minimal success.  I’ve been following Brad online after finding him through a shared image from a known space website on Facebook.  I’ve never seen any better images of the stars than Brads, except maybe from the Hubble telescope. 

    After retiring from the military, I returned to school as a Studio Arts major with an emphasis in photography, and I’m finding that what they teach in universities isn’t what I want to focus on.  Landscape, and certainly astrophotography, isn’t something that college professors want to include in their syllabi.  I’ve managed to pull a few decent images from the night sky, but I had no idea what I’m doing right/wrong, and I didn’t know how to improve but I can see there is a lot of room for improvement.  There was no doubt that I’d have to take a photo workshop to learn the proper way to expose and process the photos, and I knew that if I was going to invest that money, Brad was the only one I wanted to learn from.

    I took the 5-day workshop in May 2014 in Arches National Park.  I appreciate that these are limited to only 6 people, and instructions in both shooting and processing were including.  I was also looking forward to learning star trails and time-lapse videos – two areas where I knew absolutely nothing.  The night sky was a mystery to me, finding the Milky Way ahead of time was always guesswork, and on day 1, I learned where to expect the Milky Way to be and which direction it traveled.  I also learned which phases of the moon were best for night photography, and the biggest surprise was that moonless nights aren’t the best time, necessarily.  On our first night of shooting, I captured amazing images of the Milky Way over one of the arches in the park.  To say that I impressed myself is putting it mildly.  I also was able to put together a short but impressive (to me) time-lapse video of the Milky Way as it traveled across the sky. 

    Brads schedule was flexible enough to allow us to work with finicky Mother Nature and take advantage of the best skies.  Even though we had to cut our shooting short a couple of nights, we were still able to get some great shots and learn everything that was on the itinerary.  I was able to capture enough images to create Milky Way and star trail images, as well as a few time-lapse videos and some great sunset shots.

    In addition to learning Brads Photoshop skills for processing stars and star trails, I also learned how to make videos in Aftereffects, and how to use a few apps to find constellations and a time-lapse calculator.  Brad even provided a few of his own images for us to practice on during daytime classes.  I bought the required intervalometer – something I’ve never heard of before, much less used.  I brought it with me to the class still in the box and told Brad I even have the manual.  His response “I am your manual” was a great relief to me!  This piece of equipment will definitely be used a lot in the future.  I’m really glad that he taught me to use it.

    One of my fondest memories of this workshop is a cup of hot coffee Brad made for me during one of our cold night shoots.  It was entertaining, to say the least, to watch Brad’s wilderness survival skills at work.  I can’t remember how the coffee tasted, but coffee has never FELT so good.  That small touch from Brad made a lasting memory for me. 

    Brad’s workshop is top notch, well organized and planned.  He had already scouted out the area, and took us directly to great locations – no hiking and hunting for good spots!  His workbook and lesson plan had a nice flow and is easy to follow, even though there were experienced and “not so experienced” photographers in the group.  I sent links to a few of my images to one of my favorite photography professors.  She responded very positively to my pictures, and told me “you’re going to have to tell me more about your new skills!” (Don’t worry Brad; I won’t share your secrets with a mere photography professor) I’ve already used my new skills to shoot and process images on my own.  The manual I have has guided me when my memory forgot, and I’ll keep working on it.  My goal one day is to create images that rival that of Brad Goldpaint.

  • Steve Miller

    I am so glad that I signed up for the Arches National Park Workshop on May 1 2014. I’ve really needed help with Night Photography and Brad really helped more than I could imagine . Learning from someone with experience really ups your game and now I have some great skills to practice. Also I had the pleasure of meeting others who enjoy photography as well. We had a great group and it was really fun roaming around together. I hope I get to meet some of them again and get to take another workshop on Time Lapse with Brad. A very positive experience that I thoroughly enjoyed!

  • Keith Lisk

    I just completed one of Brad’s 5-day workshops in Arches National Park, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I have already signed up for another workshop in September in Oregon. The weather was less than ideal during the 5 days at Arches, but Brad was able to reschedule the itinerary and get us out to the right places at the right times so that we were able to come away with some great shots. Brad is a great teacher, both in the field and in the classroom, and makes sure his full attention is directed at the participants at all times. There isn’t much else I can say that hasn’t already been said by the other testimonials here. If you want to take a truly unique workshop, then this is the one to take.

  • David Whiteman

    This was my first photo workshop and I was a little apprehensive about taking a course.  The time and money was well worth it.  I learned a lot in 5 days.  From camera set up, lens choices, and post processing in Photoshop.  Brad is an extremely patient person and will do what it takes to help you get the shot and up your skills as a photographer.  Anyone who wants to learn how to take pictures of the night sky will leave the course prepared to take great photos!

  • Jonathan Adams

    I took Brad’s workshop in May 2014.  It was an absolutely incredible experience!  Brad is a wonderful teacher in every sense of the word.  I consider myself a solid intermediate photographer, but I learned an enormous amount in just the three days.  The small group size and Brad’s attention to the students (not his own camera!) made it an unforgettable experience.  I can’t wait to attend another.

    I could not recommend the workshops enough.  As a bonus, I came away with some unforgettable images that I can be truly proud of, and will take pride of place in my living room for some time.  Thanks, Brad!

  • Glen Murray

    I first started following Brad Goldpaint’s work about a year ago and felt that the quality of the images were superb and he was producing images at a level that I’d like to one day get to.  When I learned that he offered workshops I quickly logged into his website only to see that they had already sold out for the entire 2013 season.  In December I waited for the announcement of 2014 workshops and along with a friend booked mine shortly after they were released.  We counted down the months and hoped that this experience would live up to our expectations.  I am happy to say that this experience was beyond what I had hoped for.

    I have previously took part in over 20 different photography courses and workshops and have not come across an instructor like Brad.  To start we filled out a detailed set of expectations and lists of photography equipment we planned on using over the five days.  Other courses don’t ask for this level of detail a month out.  I can see that he used this information to lay out the course in a way that allowed us to get the maximum out of the few days we had out in the field.  With none of his own photography with him out in the field he is dedicating 100% of his time to ensure we are capturing the images we wanted.  On the first night he was climbing the side of the cliff to check out the back of my camera to ensure that I was getting the quality of images that I so desperately wanted to take home with me.  We shot as often as we could and for long hours and not once did I see his energy drop.  As a licensed and certified instructor we always felt safe and knew that he was prepared for any situations that may arise.  In situations where I would have otherwise been uncomfortable he managed to make me feel confident and I know I would not have been able to achieve this level without his help.  I hope to apply his strategies and effort out in the field to come home with powerful images like the ones we took on this workshop.

    When it was time to move to the classroom the step by step guide he provided us with is second to none.  In previous workshops I have taken I was trying to follow the instructor, make my edits and take as many notes as possible.  The guide you take away is incredibly well detailed, easy to follow and is a great reference guide for all my future editing.  I have taken 10 week Photoshop courses and Lightroom classes but appreciated how Brad was willing to show us his workflow that produces stunning images in short periods of time.  He’s a pro on the field and in the classroom; good photographers don’t always make good instructors.  Brad is superb in all areas.

    If you are considering taking any of his workshops I would go ahead and book right now before they fill up because they’ll all be sold out before too long.  Goldpaint Photography has put everything they have into these workshops and will provide you with a photography experience like no other.  I’d like to mention a few things that I observed in Brad over the week we shot together. He’s a patient individual, he’s a perfectionist and helps you notice the small things that separate good photos from great photos.  He’ll introduce you to his planning strategies, his workflow and how he goes about promoting his work.  Essentially for that entire week I felt that I had access to everything he knew about photography and his experiences.  By keeping his class sizes down to low numbers we all felt that he was able to provide us with a lot of one on one time and adapts his teaching level and style to the individual participants.  Something I wasn’t aware of until being on the workshop was access to his Alumni group.  In just a few days of seeing the network he has built it’s easy to see that he has inspired hundreds of photographers and is working to build a community that we can all learn from.

    I would highly recommend this and any other of Goldpaint Photography’s workshops, they are extremely well planned out, the organizers have put their heart and souls into this and you will walk away with an experience that will bring your photography skills to new levels.  I’m already looking forward to future workshops with Brad.

  • Thomas Piekunka

    I went back to Arches National Park last week on my second workshop with Brad.  As expected, he went above and beyond to make sure we made the most out of the opportunities we had out in the field.  Brad is a knowledgeable, gracious and patient instructor.  He spent time with students who needed more help and offered supportive suggestions to more advanced participants.  The fact that Brad doesn’t have any camera gear emphasizes the point that he is concerned with our, the students, getting the most out of our experience.  Brad stands apart from others in that regard.

    I was excited to see how Brad’s post-processing workbook had expanded and changed with more intuitive methods.  It is clear that Brad stays up to date with the latest software developments and processing techniques. 

    Brad is an outstanding instructor and person.  I would highly recommend his workshops, regardless of location.  You can rest assured that you will improve as a photographer – compose better, process more intuitively, after you take one of Brad’s courses.

  • Dr. Wong

    The best compliment I can give Brad is the following: I am not naturally a night person and I do not like heights nor do I like being cold.  Brad has gone beyond the call of duty to provide each of us individualized instructions.  He was extremely conscious, determined that we should have as much ” active shooting time” as possible , despite the weather.  His instructions were succinct, clear and easy to understand.  He has made me a CONVERT to night astrophotography.

  • Lynda

    Having taken three workshops with Brad, I continue to be impressed with the level of instruction and overall experience that he offers.  His small group size, rigorous attention to detail, clarity and quality of instruction both in the field and in the classroom, as well as undivided attention to his students, all make for an uniquely educational and enjoyable experience.    Over the year I have had the pleasure of working with him, he has grown his curriculum and refined his approach to a fine art.  Equally at home under the Milky Way or facing a post-processing challenge, he offers a union of technical, in-the-field-practical, and artistic strengths that places him ‘outside the box’ compared to other workshops I have taken in the field of Night Photography. Uncompromising and of high expectations, he relates well to students of all levels, with the result that students exceed their own expectations of what they go home with.   I look forward to the next opportunity I may have to work with him; there is always something new to learn.

  • Alan Neil

    I highly recommend Brad Goldpaint’s Night Sky Photography Workshops to both experienced and novice photographers alike.  My personal photography experience was more towards the latter: Although I knew my way around SLR cameras awhile back, I’ve had very little exposure to DSLRs. I’ve been using compact digital cameras for a number of years, and have had and interest in, but no exposure to, astrophotography.

    Brad is fantastic communicator. His timely advice on exactly what gear I should bring to the workshop was detailed and clear, going so far as to provide a discount on the rental of professional grade equipment which he arranged for participants in advance with

    The workshop consisted of an initial classroom session, followed by two long nights of shooting in five different locations in Joshua Tree National Park, culminating in a classroom post-processing session on day 3.

    In the initial classroom session, Brad provided extremely helpful advice on how to plan your night sky shoot, in particular: The use of Google Earth and other websites for finding dark sky locations and for orienting your composition in advance; Knowing when and where the Milky Way (and moon) will be rising or setting by the use of Astronomy Apps for your smart phone or iPad; Detailed advice and instruction on lens selection, camera settings, and methodology for capturing amazing composite images, star trails, panoramas, etc.; A discussion of light painting your foreground in the absence of available moonlight; etc.  All of these techniques were not only directly applicable to the two nights of shooting to come, but will also prove extremely valuable for planning future shoots on my own in other locations around the world.

    During the two nights of shooting in Joshua Tree NP, Brad lead us to a range of interesting and opportunity-rich shooting locations.  He provided hands-on guidance and personal advice on composition, the use of the intervalometer, focusing at night, light painting, etc.  In addition, Brad maintained a close focus on our personal safety as we navigated the prickly and somewhat dangerous desert and rock environment, going so far as to act as “medic” when a number of us had a nasty too-close encounter with a Cholla Cactus (despite his prior warnings).

    Finally, the post-processing workshop was fantastic.  I had not used Adobe Bridge or Photoshop at all before, and after downloading these to my laptop as instructed in advance of the workshop, I found them to be daunting and not at all user-friendly. On the day, however, Brad’s excellent tutorial (and invaluable hard copy presentation pack) was a goldmine of clear and concise instructions on how to easily process and edit your RAW images into true works of photographic art.

    I was amazed at the results which I was able to achieve on my first exposure to landscape astrophotography (and so were my friends and family).  Thanks to Brad’s excellent professional, interpersonal, and teaching skills, my goals and expectations in attending the workshop were not only met, but were far exceeded.

    In closing, I found Brad to be a extraordinary individual and teacher, who cares about his students and their results as deeply as he cares about his art.  As testament to this, Brad never takes his own camera on the shoots during his workshops, so as to ensure that all of his attention is totally focused on the needs of his individual students.

    The workshop experience was extremely positive all around. I am gratified to have met and worked with Brad and the other participants on the course. I am very much looking forward to taking one of Brad’s more advanced 5 day workshops in the future.

  • Lynn Clauer

    Brad’s work first caught my eye when a friend shared a photo of his on Facebook.  I was in awe of the beauty that he captured.  I found myself pouring over the photos and then dreaming of the workshop possibilities, thinking maybe one day I would take one.  Then I came to the realization that I should follow that dream.  Brad was delightful – his flexibility in working around the uncharacteristic weather was beyond what anyone could have expected.

    Brad brings incredibly complete package of tools and techniques – how to find the best sky locations, capturing various sky conditions and foreground features, and using post processing to combine and extract the best from your images.  Beyond that knowledge, his passion for what he loves and his ability to patiently teach to the level of each individual is amazing.  You can see the same commitment to excellence in his workshop organization, content, and approach as is clearly reflected in his photography.

    I am very grateful for this experience and now considering another…  Brad thank you for an amazing and totally inspiring workshop as well as your kind flexibility when the storm came through!

  • Robert G Randall

    I just finished Brad’s 3-day workshop at Joshua Tree NP.  Having attempted night sky photography on my own during the past year, and being a neophyte-newby in the use of Photoshop, I REALLY appreciated how much I gained in this workshop. There are many ways to use LR/Photoshop and related software, but now I know which tools will help me bring out the best in my sky images.

    We were challenged by one of the biggest rainstorms we’ve had in southern California during the past 18 months or more.  We were supposed to shoot Friday and Saturday nights, but Brad found a way to work around these obstacles, taking us out Thursday night, offering Sunday night, and even taking a few participants out Monday night.  On Friday when it rained so hard, we were warm & dry receiving a 4-hour overview from Brad.  Saturday night we went out at 4:00 pm hoping for the best and we GOT it: The skies completely cleared of clouds and we enjoyed a totally cloudless, clear, moonless night of shooting, ending with a spectacular rise of the Milky Way over Arch Rock — according to Brad, the best he’s ever seen in Joshua Tree NP.  His tenacity and optimism carried the day (err … the night) !

    Being avid hiker/backpacker, the metaphor that springs to mind is that from wandering through the woods, Brad set me on a path and gave me a compass !

    Bob Randall
    (aka Bob-in-Pasadena to my hiking friends …)

  • John

    I just finished my second workshop with Brad. This one was at Joshua Tree National Park. Once again, the workshop offered an incredible value. We received extensive instruction and shot for two full nights, which was followed up by an extensive post-processing tutorial. Brad is more than a great photographer. He is also a great teacher who is extremely patient and thorough. Brad is also just a great person who is fun to spend time with.

    Joshua Tree is an interesting location. As someone who is used to living in a lush and forested environment (Atlanta), Joshua Tree by day is a harsh and somewhat alien environment: Rocks, Joshua Trees and sage brush. By night, it’s a different story. The night sky provides a wonderful canvas for the desert and many opportunities for spectacular shots. When compared to the Cascade Range (the first workshop I took with Brad), the shots are more challenging to find and frame and will stretch your abilities as a photographer. If I had to pick between the two locations, I would pick the Cascade Range (also because Bend is far more interesting than Twentynine Palms), but that is a matter of personal taste. Both experiences were great.

    If you are thinking about taking a workshop, don’t wait. The spots are selling out and Brad and Marci are taking next year off from teaching. It will be a truly memorable experience.

  • Adrian

    I’ve been amazed by stars, plants and galaxies for many years, collecting many Hubble pictures of galaxies but never knew anyone can take such beautiful and revealing photographs of our galaxy with normal consumer cameras until this year when I bumped into some of Brad’s and his students photography and my jaw dropped. Within minutes after showing them to my wife and realizing there is actually a workshop where I can learn how to do this, she had me registered for the last workshop of the year. I had a hundred hopes and expectations…. and was counting the days…

    Reflecting back on the experience of the workshop, Brad is an incredible teacher, his locations are amazing, the attention to each individual shows a consummate professional. He is all yours during the shoot and afterwards. He makes it easy, breaks it down in the proper steps and his step-by-step documentation is to be envied by any commercial product out there. I got my pictures, my star trails, I learned light painting, time-lapse, panoramas and processing, and most importantly I’m now well equipped for capturing the night skies on my own in my travels around the world. I would and will do this again in a second. Unlike others, I never had a formal photography workshop, so I can’t compare, but I did have high expectations and I know when they are met. Thanks Brad for the incredible workshop and for sharing your craft and passion with me.

    Last word, I would be remiss if besides the very talented photographer I would not also give credit for such beauty to the Creator who made it all possible for me to enjoy this. Thus consider these words found in the Bible:

    “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
    Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge”
    (Psalm 19)

  • Lamont

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

    My experience in taking Brad’s night photography class was a grand experience and am looking forward to my next night photography class with him.

    My dear friend Bill learned of Brad Goldpaint (his real last name) and signed us up for a private 2 night session.  We flew into Redmond, Oregon a couple days early to do our own day-time photography of area.  Had a wonderful time taking photographs of Mt Bachelor, Crater Lake, Redwood Forest and the Southern Oregon Coast (including beautiful lighthouse scenes and Bandon’s–Face Rock)–then drove like mad to meet up with Brad on time. 

    We found Brad immediately engaging and extremely pleasant as we set out for our night-time photo shoot.  He was well prepared and we reached our location plenty early for setup and instruction.  His on-sight teaching was relaxed and very informative.  Once the conditions were dark enough to start shooting pictures–Brad patiently helped us set up our camera settings and taught us how to use the intervalometer and how to focus our lenses in the dark (not as easy as you would think)–and then the magic began– got beautiful star trails and milky way pictures.  We went to several sites in the two nights–taking and sharing our successes and our failures–While Brad was constantly teaching us how to improve our shots (technically & compositionally).

    Bottom line: If you are serious about having a great hands on learning experience in night photography–Brad Goldpaint’s courses are outstanding and I highly recommend his courses–I’ve already signed up for two courses in 2014.

    Some advise from my own experience to make your experience better: BRING PLENTY OF LIGHT WARM CLOTHES, Bring several fully charged camera batteries, Bring lots of gigabytes of memory cards, Bring good equipment (great DSLR, Lenses, & tripod), Good nap before hand, some tasty snacks, and most of all a GREAT ATTITUDE for the adventure.

    Amen 🙂

  • Krista Thompson

    I highly recommend Goldpaint classes. Brad is an exceptional instructor.  Training materials, presentation, and itinerary were well-prepared with an eye for detail and quality.  I typically attend 4 field based photography classes per year.  This year I’ve attended 2 of Brad’s classes and noted several items that set his class apart from others.  The locations he scouts out are unique – not the same locations you’ll find at other classes.  The written materials contain easy to understand step-by-step instructions.  Most other classes I’ve attended provide little to no written materials.  He sends checklists and information in advance of the class so you know what to bring and what to expect.  He created an alumni group designed for students to continue to learn, grow, and share their work.  Brad spends ample time with each student and is well versed on a variety of cameras and equipment.  His sense of humor, story telling abilities, and endearing personality makes the field outings enjoyable.  Above all this, Brad is passionate about photography and his desire to see all his students succeed is evident and very much appreciated.

  • John Watkins

    Brad Goldpaint is a great photographer and a great teacher. After seeing “Within Two Worlds” on the Internet and being incredibly impressed with Brad’s work, I got in touch with Brad and took the Cascade Range workshop in July at Todd Lake and Spirit Lake. Even though this was my first astrophotography experience, the photos I shot were amazing. I live in Atlanta (lots of light pollution) and had never seen stars like that night. It was amazing.

    Brad gives very thorough and complete instructions. I had never used Photoshop, but the instructions in the classroom and in Brad’s written materials are very clear and the results were great.

    I am planning on taking another workshop from Brad and would highly recommend his workshops. Brad is, as said, a great teacher. He keeps the size of the workshop manageable and is able to devote attention to everyone. Finally, Brad’s passion for his work is inspiring. It was a great experience.

  • Prasanna

    After seeing Brad’s online photos of Crater Lake with Northern Lights and other milky way photos, I was very much impressed. As soon as the 3-day workshop for Smith Rock and Cascades was announced, I signed up for it. I drove from Bay Area to attend this workshop. Workshop was excellent! We had 2-nights of shooting and one day of post-processing. I walked away with great photos of star trails and milky way. Will be doing a big print of the star trails and will adorn my house 🙂

    Brad is an excellent teacher. He walks us through the steps needed to do excellent landscape astrophotography. He clearly defines the required equipment, apps, software to capture “wow” photos. He checks with everyone on the equipment they are going to bring to the workshop and suggests if anything better can be brought. During the shooting, he doesn’t bring his own camera, so that he can devout his full time to the workshop participants. He taught us how to take star trails, milky way shots, panoramas, composites. During the cold nights, he also served us hot tea and coffee. Nice gesture on his part. After the night time shooting, he walked us through the post-processing steps to bring the awesome-ness of the photos.

    The following statement is appropriate for this workshop:
    “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”.

    Brad has equipped us to take night time photos, whereever we are and in whatever conditions.

    I would highly recommend his workshops and it is worth the money.

  • Mark

    I just got back from a 3 day workshop with Brad in Oregon taking pictures of the night sky in the Cascades. This workshop met all of my expectations and more. Brad never took a camera out at night so he could devote his full attention to us. We went to several locations at Smith Rock and the Cascades over 2 nights and caught several different types of night shots, including many amazing ones of the milky way (my favorites). He had a very thorough list on what to bring and what to expect, which helped me plan my part of the trip. There was plenty of time at all of the locations and it was pretty obvious to us that he had done his planning ahead as the locations were all stunning. The workshop ended with a post processing class on what he does to get his amazing images. I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone wanting to learn to take pictures of the night sky.

  • Kathleen Kingma

    Brad’s night photos were the first I ever saw of the Milky Way taken with a consumer camera.  At the same time that I saw these amazing photos, I had just started my own journey with a DSLR.  It became a passion of mine to learn to take such photos…  I’ve studied and copied everything I could find on-line, but nothing beats learning from the master IN PERSON.  Brad is a compassionate, thoughtful artist who truly cares about spreading the joy of night photography.  He is talented yet humble, and has a gift for teaching.  I have no doubt that I will learn something (many somethings) every time I take a class.  My first class was in his backyard Oregon Cascades under ideal skies and I am sure that will not be my last!  Thank you Brad for the inspiration and for sharing your knowledge so freely.

  • Meggi Raeder

    I have taken 2 astro photography workshops with Brad Goldpaint at 2 different locations with great choices of location for night sky photography.  Brad has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and is a master astro photographer.  I want to thank Brad for his well designed workshops and for his patient teaching!  He is a master in astro photography and has a gift to gently coach his workshop participants to achieve amazing images during the night under the stars.  The addition, his classroom teaching adds great value since all night images need some post-processing.  The post-processing sessions were a whirlwind tour the force using Photoshop in all its glory.
    Thank you Brad for sharing your experience and knowledge.  I wish you all the best for your future plans and hope our path will cross again

  • Douglas

    Brad, An excellent workshop and a great group. You explain things very well and I am looking forward to getting out under the dark clear skies soon. Already I am planning to get out this weekend with the Milky way (hopefully) or at least star trails somewhere in the Cascades. You’ll see me again.

  • Tim Lewis

    Brad, thank you so much for sharing your endless knowledge and enthusiasm. Last weekend will be indelibly etched in my mind for the level of both fun and education.  I’ve been reading and experimenting with night photography for the last couple if years.  But you’ve expanded my knowledge and enjoyment for the art – many times over in just 24 hours.  I have been working on my images and videos today; I could not be more excited. Thank you for generously sharing your photographic gifts with the rest of us.

  • Patricia Davidson

    One of my photography goals this year was to learn more about night sky photography. I pretty much had no experience with it even though I have over 5 years of landscape photography under my belt. Brad’s workshop was my first choice since I’ve admired his work for sometime. This past weekend’s workshop did not disappoint. Brad is not only an excellent photographer but a great teacher as well. He truly is a caring instructor and was attentive to our needs and questions. Not only did I have an enjoyable experience but feel like I learned a lot. I look forward to taking the advanced class in the series next month!!

  • Patricia Carolan

    While most of the workshop participants were far more experienced than I am, Brad worked with each of us at our level.  During the classroom phase of the workshop, he prepared us very well.  So well, in fact, that often during the photography phase of the workshop we needed little assistance.  I think I only needed to turn on my little red light light to check camera settings once. 

    In addition to preparation of the the participants, Brad also excels at researching the photo sites.  The site for the Milky Way images was truly magical.  Even though, Brad has used this site before; his careful preparation led him to revisit the site just before this workshop.

  • Mitch Darby

    I first became aware of Brad via the Astronomy Picture of the Day ( I later discovered that he had relocated to my area and was leading workshops.  After attending several of his presentations at the Cascade Center of Photography (, I signed up for both his beginning and advanced astro-photography workshops.  Having just completed the beginner’s class, I’m now very much looking forward to next month’s advanced class.

    I went in with over a decade of photographic experience, but very little success with astro-photography.  I attribute this to simply not understanding how to both capture and post-process these kinds of images.  Brad has demystified the process for me.  In short, he has shown me a reliable and relatively simple workflow for effectively capturing the magic and grandeur of the night sky.

    I would highly recommend his workshops to anyone interested in astro-photography.

  • Glenn Travis

    I was lucky enough to attend the Smith Rock State Park workshop on June 15th and 16th.  I have attempted night photography before with some success but never attempted to photograph the Milky Way.  One of the things Brad suggests is to arrive a day early and stay a day late in case of weather issues.  The weather was iffy during this workshop so he suggested going to Mt Bachelor on Friday.  I had enough time scheduled so arrived two days early.  Going to Mt Bachelor was an unexpected pleasure.  And the weather held out for Smith Rock on Saturday.  Brad spends lots of time with each person and through this interaction it becomes very apparent his passion for his craft and his willingness to teach.  I appreciated the fact that while we were out with him, the time was ours, and we did not feel rushed.  He gave great suggestions on locations but allowed us to tailor the locations based on our wants and needs.  He also did not take any camera equipment of his own.  On Sunday during class he provided clear instructions for using Photoshop and backed up the class with printed material.

    I would highly recommend one of Brads workshops to anyone who wants to learn more about night photography.  I do not see how anyone could come away from the workshop not feeling that their time and money was well spent.  I am looking forward to attending another workshop in 2014.

  • Eric Tollefson

    I want to say thank you for the awesome time last weekend. It was a bit of a drive to get there (7 hours), but it was well worth it !!  Your willingness to teach us some of your “tips and techniques” was greatly appreciated, and I learned several little things that taken together, should make a lot of difference in my results. The small group size and your dedication to helping us throughout the night made it a very enjoyable, worthwhile experience. I got some great pictures and I’ve enjoyed enhancing them in Photoshop. I also want to say thank you for the time and effort you put into making the booklet that you provided to us. That was thoughtful and a great “extra” touch, and I have referred to it multiple times since receiving it. Not only did I enjoy the actual photo session Sat night, I consider the post-processing session as a “bonus”…one without the other is sort of pointless huh ?!? Overall, it was a great combination of hands-on experience and classroom setting.

  • Quynh Ton

    I came to Brad’s workshop with zero knowledge of how to take pictures of the night sky and got several excellent keepers. The workshop was organized well for people with no experience of night photography like me. We were prepared before the shoot with the ‘how to’ knowledge, received assistance during the shoot, and processed the images after we had taken them.

    Plus: Brad served us hot tea and coffee during the shoot too.
    Bonus: Brad showed us very detailed info how to go to several beautiful locations around Bend, OR to practice our new skills after our class had ended.

    It was a pleasant experienced and fruitful workshop. I would suggest anyone who wants to learn night photography to take Brad workshop.

    Thank you Brad!

  • Sashikanth Chintla

    I was wanting to photograph the Milky Way for quite some time, but lacked the skills to do so. In early Jan i stumbled across Brad’s website and with a lot of hesitation i signed up for Smith Rock workshop. I had to think twice because travelling all the way from NJ for the workshop, not knowing how the end result was going to be, and the cost involved did make me think twice.

    The day I had been waiting for some time had arrived. Unfortunately, the weather was not looking great which led to some disappointment of the possibility of not being able to capture the Milky Way. Brad called up on Thursday, the day before the workshop, and conveyed that he will be doing an extra session in addition to the scheduled one on Friday which had clear skies. This was very comforting. This gave me the comfort that Brad is not a person about money, but more of ensuring we get the right experience and satisfaction.

    Met Brad on Friday at Sparks Lake and the first few min of talking had set the stage how the experience was going to be for next 3 days. Brad has rich experience of night skies and he does not hold back any information. He is like a open book and you can get as much info as you need.

    We had two nights of shooting and 1 day of post processing. It was a great experience! The knowledge I got in these 3 days compared to the cost I paid looked like peanuts. I would highly recommend his workshops for anyone who is wanting to learn how to capture night skies and Brad is the best in giving you that experience.

  • George Riling

    The workshop at Crater Lake was very informative and makes one appreciate the effort that goes into creating night and time lapse photographs.  The several people that I have shown my night sky photographs to were quite impressed. 

    Brad spent the entire workshop either teaching or helping the participants achieve better visualizations and images.  I particularly appreciated his abstaining from trying to take his own photographs while trying to help the class. I have had other instructors try that in the past and it never works out well.

    In summary, this was a great learning experience and I highly recommend it.

  • Yoshiki

    It was an incredible night we spent with Brad at his Crater Lake workshop. What a beautiful scene he took us and showed how to capture. All of his knowledges are valuable and he has been willing to share all of them. I gained a lot not only photographic methodology but also his attitude and lifestyle. Based on his instructions and lessons, I was able to capture many serious keeper images of night sky. I really appreciated Brad. I sincerely highly recommend to attend his workshop if you are interested in photography of night sky. It is worth 2 times, 3 times or more than you would pay. I learned more than what I can buy with money. It was unforgettable workshop. Thank you very much, Brad. I hope you will have bright future and successful endeavor.

  • Hisao

    Thank you very much for introduction of night sky photography at Crater Lake National Park.
    It was my first time night sky photography experience and your concrete explanation helped me to capture the night sky; especially Milky Way.
    Even though this was my first time attempting night sky photography, I got beautiful photos I will cherish.
    Also, Brad taught us post processing technique using Lightroom and Photoshop.
    It was new software for me, but I purchased both software after I came back home.
    I will learn the software using Brad prepared textbook, and it will help me to learn as introduction of the software.
    I recommend Brad’s Landscape Astrophotography workshop for anyone who is interested in night sky photography.

  • Kelly

    I just returned from Brad’s Arches National Park workshop. Despite the overcast skies and rain, the whole experience was beyond amazing. Brad is a great teacher. He takes an interest in his students and wants them to leave with stellar shots, which is why he does not shoot during his workshops and why he added extra time on both the front and back end of the workshop. He is patient and freely shares his knowledge, both behind the camera and during the post processing part of the workshop. I had to overcome some challenges with my knee to do the physical part of the hike to Delicate Arch. Brad was with me every step of the way.  He encouraged and inspired me! I learned how to light paint, focus at night and to create a time-laspe. Brad – thanks for this fab experience. I took what I learned and went Zion and captured the Milky Way. I can’t wait to take another workshop with you!

  • Dan Fletcher

    This was the first photography workshop I’ve taken – I’m largely self-taught and came in a bit nervous about what to expect. But Brad’s an awesome teacher. He’s great at immediately figuring out what everyone’s there to learn about and putting you at ease.

    I spent three days at the Arches workshop, and we suffered overcast skies during the time we were there. But Brad dealt with it as well as he could, taking us out a day before and after the workshop’s scheduled dates and waiting out any showers that passed through. In the end, despite the challenges, we all came away with images we were proud of. That’s really a tribute to how dedicated Brad is to making the workshop experience great.

    Definitely would recommend Brad’s class for photographers at any level – there’s a ton you’ll pick up in terms of the technical process of creating night sky images and the post-processing skills necessary to make them pop. What I didn’t anticipate, though, was the level of appreciation I’d come away with for the night sky and the threats it faces. Brad’s passion is pretty inspiring, and I’m psyched to join up with him again at some other stop on his tours.

  • Tom Piekunka

    I had the privilege of participating in the recent Arches National Park workshop with Brad.  Though it rained every night and we never saw the Milky Way, Brad was willing to stay out as long as anyone wanted.  Additionally, because of the poor weather, Brad added an evening before and after the workshop dates to make the most of the starry night that we did get.  That was really a thoughtful and considerate gesture on Brad’s part, but once you meet and get to know Brad, you find out quickly that is the kind of guy he is.  You see these fantastic images that he has produced and you may prepare yourself to meet someone who is full of themself, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth with Brad.  He greeted everyone warmly and made you feel comfortable immediately.  He provided his instruction in an encouraging and interactive manner and we just had fun while learning a ton.  Most impressive (to me) was that Brad never had his camera out, he spent all his time with us reviewing compositions and offering suggestions.  I was honored to spend time with Brad. He is a true master of photography.  I look forward to participating in more of Brad’s workshops and would recommend them highly.

  • Sandro Vargas

    Great teacher. Great technique. Brad is totally dedicated to what he does. Due to bad weather he increased 2 nights of the workshop, always with full dedication. Learn from him is not like a normal class, it’s like being with a friend who spends his knowledge with you, very light, very deep, very easy.
    Despite my horrible English, was always very easy to understand what Brad said.
    He also makes an excellent coffee.
    Thanks Brad,
    And thanks to my mates Kelly, Dan, Tom, Greg and Kirsten to help me.
    I hope to find you all again.

  • Kirsten Tucker

    I have just returned from the Arches workshop. Mother nature was not as cooperative as we would have liked, but the workshop was still outstanding! Brad really invests in his students to the point of spending portions of two extra nights with us and never breaking his own camera out even once. I learned many many things both photographically and in post production that I’ll be able to use no matter where my camera and I roam. I look forward to another workshop soon!

  • Greg Soule

    Great workshop! My second with Brad and looking forward to another next year. Despite the inclement weather Brad put together a great program to explain everything from
    night photography, star trails, time lapse and Photoshop processing that was very helpful. You could not find a better workshop if you are interested in this type of photography.

  • Bob Kelley

    The night of July 21-22, 2012, will be one of the most memorable of my life!  I had the privilege of learning how to capture images of the heavens with one of the most talented photographers I may ever encounter, Brad Goldpaint.  Like others that have written testimonials on this page, I am astounded by the beautiful images of nature and the night sky Brad has shared through his artistry.  By trade, I am a professional astronomy educator with four decades of exploring the heavens, but I wanted to discover more about using modern DSLR cameras to record the night sky.  My trip to Oregon to learn from Brad was absolutely incredible, for he was so giving of his knowledge and skills.  Brad’s teaching is very thorough, clear and concise, humorous and unhurried.  My fellow student, Sunil, and I were given his complete attention and together we learned so many techniques that allowed us to return home with our own fantastic photos.  Fortunately, the Oregon weather was perfect, the skies pristine.  Brad took us to several of his favorite locations, all the while assisting, guiding, teaching, and most of all sharing his love of photography and his reverence of the night sky.  And yes, Sunil and I greeted the dawn, having enjoyed one of the most amazing nights we could ever have imagined.  Will I sign up for another of Brad’s workshops?  Absolutely, and I can’t wait for that next magical night!  Again, a privilege to learn from a “master” and to make a friend.  Thanks, Brad!

  • Zach Grether

    Brad has managed to capture some truly iconic astro images and his technique for capturing and bringing them to life is made readily available in his online 1-on-1 workshop.  I entered it already familiar with a lot of what he was planning on going over, but he still managed to bring some new things to the table that I didn’t already know.  I could tell it wasn’t over the top for even the newest of newbies while still offering something for everyone.  He is very flexible with his time and truly wants you to get everything you want out of it.  From planning to photographing to post-processing he covers it all.  And he even throws in timelapse photography, star trails, and making movies.  It was truly worth it.

  • John

    I was scheduled to do one of Brad’s workshops on July 16th, and he invited me out to shoot with him on the 15th because the aurora were there, even though I was likely to be somewhat of a distraction. By the time I got out there I got a couple cool shots of the aurora, but it had mostly faded.

    My point is… he’s truly dedicated to helping his students get great shots, and will do whatever he can to help you when you take one of his workshops. If you’re thinking about taking one, I highly recommend it.

  • Tim Herring

    When I take a photograph, I am often asked what were your settings?  How did you get that shot?  Its never that simple.
    The techniques for astro-photography / night sky photography are out there on the web. They can be found in books. The workshop brings together those techniques with Brad’s experience and workflow to show you how to use that knowledge in your photographs. 

    Brad starts with getting you to better know your gear and its capabilities. The rules change for things as seemingly simple as focusing your camera when there is no light. Brad is knowledgeable, flexible and accommodating.  I cannot thank Brad enough for having adjusted my workshop so I could travel for my father’s funeral the next day.  We still covered 90% of the material.  A full evening and night of shooting in remarkable settings, followed by a great post production workshop.

    Its not about the settings, or the equipment or the techniques. Its about composition and applying what you know.

    Brad is an artist.  He has the eye for beautiful compositions and the technical skills to bring the image together. Brad is a wonderful guide to help you on your journey to great night sky photographs. I highly recommend his workshop.

  • Dean Liu

    I first saw Brad’s images on Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy blog – I was very impressed by them. Better yet, Brad offers hands-on workshops to share his experiences and insights. Bend, OR is a long way from Austin; but I was determined to learn from the best. I was totally blown away by his workshop; he shared his knowledge thoroughly and unreservedly. From planning preparations to image capturing and post-processing, Brad listed in detail the necessary equipment, proper adjustments and settings, and how to experiment with different options. By the way, he also shares with you how to stay warm on a freezing night too!  All this knowledge was practiced in the workshop late-night hands-on shootings and post-processing. On top of all these, Brad described in detail how some of his price-winning images were done. What a great learning experience!  As a bonus, if you are from out-of-town, he will share with you a list/map of his favorite shooting places around Bend.

    Thanks, Brad!

  • Kerrie Ellsworth

    If I had 3 wishes all of them would be to take more workshops from Brad. It was worth the drive from WA. He made a personal contact before the workshop started to insure I would have the appropriate gear for the night, and glad he did. It went so smooth. He explains his work in a easy mellow flow, that makes you want to abandon all day light and become a nocturnal photographer. One on one instruction- he hoards no secrets. Just the best. I am a better photographer because of this workshop. Thanks much Brad… the world needs photographers with your vision for us too view the world through. 100% best money ever invested. Thanks for your patience and for showing me all your cool ass spots!

  • Greg Soule

    I drove all the way from Arizona not knowing what to expect. My trip was well worth the cost.
    I have some limited exposure/sucess to Landscape Astrophotography and Brad was able to
    lift the curtain behind this process and fill in the missing parts. Both the image taking and post processing helped to improve my technique. I look forward to taking additional workshops he may offer especially in the area of Tim Lapse.
    Good job Brad.

  • Ginger Sanders

    Brads low-key, unintimidating style of teaching makes the perfect workshop for everyone from the seriously novice to the high end pro wanting to pick up a new technique.

    Not only did we have a lot of fun, we learned a lot at a pace that was comfortable for everyone. He covers things you would never even think of.

    I left the workshop confident enough to go right out the next night and make the most of my rental lens.

    I was as excited about the post-processing session as the shooting session and my expectations were exceeded in both areas. All I can say is, if you really want to learn some magical ways to step out of your normal photographic routine, take a workshop from Brad.

    • Joann Jacobs

      Brad taught us the skills to take amazing photographs and brought us to where we needed to go at exactly the right time. 
      Thank you, Brad for an amazing fun time.

  • Rick

    Brad, I absolutely loved the workshop. It exceeded my expectations. Your presentation was excellent. Your help throughout the workshop was excellent. I feel so lucky that I was able to get into the workshop. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • sunil

    There are some workshops which meets or exceed your expectations, this one just goes through the roof. It’s at least a hundred times better than any other workshop i ever attended. I have never gained so much of knowledge in such a short span of time with anyone.

    Brad is such an amazing teacher besides being an awesome photographer. He is so dedicated to his work which so visible in his workshops. This was the best $$ i have ever spent on my photography.

    Brad, you ROCK!!

    Thanks for making it so much fun!

  • Nagesh

    The first time I saw Brad’s photographs of the Milky Way & the star trails, I was flabbergasted and I was in awe. That by itself motivated me to do a workshop with Brad. First off, I must say Brad’s depth of knowledge in Astro photography is unassailable. Secondly, Brad as a person is AMAZING with an affable personality. Brad went above and beyond in giving me so many tips including backpacking, clothing etc and shared a plethora of information.

    Brad covered all aspects of his technique including shooting panorama’s, the equipment, how to shoot star trails and more. The end to end experience from shooting to post processing, Brad makes sure that nothing was left out. Having some good experience shooting the Night sky, I came out more than satisfied. I took away the knowledge and confidence of getting these types of images from Brad’s workshop. I want to go back and shoot with Brad again! Thanks Brad for a thoroughly enjoyable workshop. I got more than my money’s worth, I must say. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brad’s workshop.

  • Steve

    Thanks Brad for a thoroughly enjoyable workshop.  I got more than my money’s worth and I am still working through the very comprehensive workbook provided with the course.  Not only did we get some great pictures, but the weather was just iffy and Brad kept up on the weather forecast so that we could get some nice shots of the milky way and Mt. Bachelor.  Even though I am pretty weak in Photoshop, I was able to get the most out of my images with Brad’s patient tutoring. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to broaden their photographic expertise to include astro photography

  • Gabriel

    I would like to start by thanking Brad for such an amazing workshop.  I live in the country of Panama, and my initial idea was to fly to Bend to take this workshop.  Once I started looking at air fair it would cost way to much money, so after emailing back and forth with Brad we decided to do the workshop ONLINE.  Through Google+ Hangout.  I truly cannot emphasize what a learning experience that was.  Not only is he a great and friendly person, he also makes sure you understand fully all there is to know about astro photography, He teaches you from what good apps to get, to post-processing.  And Google + has a share screen so Brad actually gets to see what you are doing and this way he makes sure you are understanding and doing things right.  I WOULD TOTALLY recommend this workshop online.  As for me, look forward to astro Photography 2.  Sign me up!!

  • Becky

    In May 2012 one other participant and I, took a workshop from Brad Goldpaint. I wondered why Brad prefers to have real small groups and now I totally understand. It’s very dark, unfamiliar territory; most people are not use to working with their camera settings, tripod, headlamp and time-lap controller in the dark. I had not used my intervalometer before had lost my directions – he had no problem teaching me how to use it and allowing time for my mistakes. The weather was against us but he still found an area to shoot the Milky Way and we ended up with unbelievable pictures. He doesn’t shoot himself, all his attention is on the students.
    The next day around 11:00 he met us to process our pictures. First he started off with one of his pictures for us to practice on and went through the procedure step by step. Then we picked one of our own shots from the previous night and he helped us through that. We tried to do the third one alone but were still asking questions and getting very excited with the results – VERY. This was another time when I was especially glad that there were only two of us.
    We never felt hurried – everything was at our pace. If you are thinking about taking one of Brad’s workshops and there’s a financial issue – Hawk Something! He is extremely well prepared and capable. When you see the results you will know you made the right decision.

  • Jay

    The first time I saw Brad’s photographs of the Milky Way over Mount Shasta I was enthralled. When I saw his starry images in Arches National Park I was motivated to contact him for a workshop. I recently returned from a spectacular night of learning Brad’s technique of astrophotography that has taken him years to refine. I was not disappointed in any way and luck would have it conditions were perfect. Brad covered all aspects of his technique including finding the milky way, what equipment is necessary to capture stellar images, how to shoot star trails and light paint, how to expose for the milky way, and more. Brad thought of all details necessary for a successful shoot and he was eager to share his knowledge, even including advice on the best clothing to keep warm for an all night winter exposure. This kind of photography involves postprocessing the images to bring out colors and details and Brad makes sure that nothing is left out. He isn’t satisfied unless you are and I was more than satisfied. I went away from Brad’s workshop with the knowledge and confidence of getting these types of images anywhere in the world.

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