‘Beyond the Rim’ featuring the Milky Way and a lone, Lyrid meteor over Crater Lake National Park, was selected as the cover for Cascade A&E’s January 2013 issue. This publication includes an interview for the featured article written by Sci-Fi Channel’s Jeff Spry. To see the entire article, click HERE.

Brad Goldpaint a Dreamer of Rare Caliber

Just ask anyone swept up in his mesmerizing western nightscapes; the Bend artist’s striking astrophotography evokes a potent primal response upon first viewing, something usually reserved for framed masterpieces gracing the hallowed halls of great museums.

Story by Jeff Spry

Goldpaint’s work is magically alive. It breathes and lives within the still, frigid air from whence it was created, atop a lonely ridge or deep wilderness, conjuring up breathtaking nocturnal visions of distant galaxies and constellations lifted straight from the pulp pages of vintage sci-fi novellas. 

“I fell in love with the night sky once I gave it a chance,” he said. “People today are so disconnected with the stars and that is sad. Because of light pollution from most cities there is no night sky.”

For the enthusiastic Goldpaint, anyone can go outside and take a quick picture of the Milky Way or the moon, but to combine it artistically with familiar landmarks like Delicate Arch or Smith Rock is another dimension entirely. 

“I really try to piece this together with the landscape and bring some heightened level of awareness to people.”

Each tamed moment in time is infused with a rare nostalgia and romance, whirled in intense saturated color and aglow in the accelerated mysteries of the cosmos. 

From the shimmering Aurora Borealis dancing over Sparks Lake, to a spiral of white stars waltzing above Crater Lake, his art is a sublime marriage of the majesties of Heaven and Earth, perhaps a soothing reflection of our own bright hopes and unfulfilled dreams…

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Special thanks to the staff at Cascade A&E and Jeff Spry!