The day before we left Bend, OR, I had the pleasure of meeting the crew from myWindow at KBNZ to do a short interview and explain a bit more about what were up to next year. Check this out!

I’ve hinted for some time now, MAJOR CHANGES are in the works for us here at Goldpaint Photography and today, we have some exciting news to share with you!

WE ARE ALL IN! We’ve recently sold most everything we own and downsized our possessions to the bare minimum. It’s time to embrace the nomadic lifestyle and fully commit ourselves to reconnecting others with the night sky & raise awareness about the damaging effects of light pollution. We’ve asked our favorite writer and friend Jeff Spry, to poetically describe our exciting new chapter.

“It takes a brave dose of guts and grit to pick up your life and pack it into a 32-foot motorhome to chase down your dream, but that’s precisely what Brad Goldpaint and Marci Buckner have planned.

Their secret recipe for a storybook romance is equal parts fate, fortitude and a senior cat named Kharma. Seeking an escape from their mundane routines, the intrepid pair has mined the magnetism of the cosmos and will be teaching a series of awe-inspiring night sky photo workshops starting in February of 2014.

Together, they’re embarking on an odyssey to educate the public about the damaging effects of light pollution and help reconnect people with the simple beauty of the night sky through art.

By freeing themselves from the monotony of their day jobs, Brad and Marci hope to embrace the unpredictable nature of a nomadic lifestyle, conducting photography classes at iconic destinations in the United States, from the calm desert solitudes of Joshua Tree to northern alpine lakes in Glacier National Park.”

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