• Evie Urbina
    Evie Urbina
    The reason I this one is because it marks the start of a whole new world of photography for me. I d the location (and can't wait to return) which we lucked out on due to Arches NP being difficult. It was an amazing night under the stars from start to finish and the beginning of a whole new obsession for me. Thank you both for jumping through hoops to make it happen!
  • Keith Lisk
    Keith Lisk
    Taken during the Goldpaint Photography Alumni Workshop in Central Utah.
  • Bill Mickle
    Bill Mickle
    This is a composite pano from our New Mexico Badlands workshop. I am still in total awe at the beauty of nature in this other worldly wilderness. The light pollution reflecting off the clouds add to the unearthly affect. I am grateful to have been able to see this unusual landscape as well as to it.
  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis
    This is probably my favorite night image from this year because it is one that I planned out, waited for, and then made the photo that was in my mind. I had never been to this location before but I knew the wreck existed, having seen pictures of it during the day time. There are probably images out there of this wreck at night but I have never seen one and I wanted to make one. Fortunately, I was in the area for a while because it to 3 weeks before I had a night without extensive cloud coverage. I got lucky being photo bombed by a meteor, but I'll take it.
  • Kevin J Railsback
    Kevin J Railsback
    Summers at my grandparents farm in Iowa were always magical. I spent many nights down in the hay field watching lightning bugs and the Milky Way drift across the sky. 40 years later, “progress” has hidden much of the magic of the night sky above the farm. A month after attending the Arches workshop I found myself in Northern Iowa about as far away from the bigger cities as you can get in Iowa before entering the light pollution of another city. It was here that I was taken back to those warm Iowa summer nights of my youth.
  • Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
    This image brings on a peaceful feeling. The effect of compositing land in the twilight and sky in the early evening with a longer exposure to bring out the milky way in the lake enhances the mood.
  • Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
    I am a bit obsessed with Northern Lights and they are incredibly hard to capture here in Vermont. Planning ahead, I had this area mapped out just 10 min from home and facing due north. As the lights ramped, we headed out just hoping for a break in the clouds. This spot had no pull off (a narrow unpaved backroad), so I had my husband watching for the occasional car while I triggered and blocked the light from the tail lights and attempted to get faint foreground wisps of weeds
  • Chris Marler
    Chris Marler
    This image is special to me because everything seemed to up that night. Crystal clear skies, no wind at all, meteor showers, and mountain climbers heading up to summit made for a perfect evening. After I set up the composition and began shooting, I thought I had messed up the shot since I originally intended the north star to be in the photo. But I actually prefer it just outside the top of the frame. I finally captured a star trail photo like I envisioned.
  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan
    I to this image on my own at the Very Large Array of radio telescopes near Socorro, New Mexico. It is my favorite because it was the first time that I was able to independently envision a nighttime picture and have it come out exactly like I had envisioned. As a side note, the illumination of the telescope was provided by the headlights of the security vehicle that had come out to check up on me. The security person let me stay to take pictures.
  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson
    Taken during the Joshua Tree Night Photography Workshop with Goldpaint Photography.