Time-lapse photography has always been an interest of mine.  Time-lapse photography consists of taking numerous still images to create a video clip.  Now, you might ask, “Why not just use a video camera?”  Well, video camera’s cannot create 30 second, single frame exposures.  In the time-lapse video above, it took 1,100 images with each of them having 35 seconds of exposure (the shutter was open for 35 seconds for each image).  That means that this video took around 10.5 hours of exposure.  Once I had all these images, it was time to make the movie.  Normally, movies use around 24 frames per second.  This means, the human eye sees 24 frames per second.  That’s 24 images per second that you are seeing in my video above; hence why it takes so many images to make up a small video clip.