• Jody Jeckel
    Jody Jeckel
    Mono Lake is a location that is always harder and pushes me a bit further than I expect. But during the alumni class I was happy to get some images I was proud of and this is one of them.
  • John Watkins
    John Watkins
    This is a photo of the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone with the Milky Way peeking through some clouds that rolled in. The red in the clouds is from reflections of a forest fire in the area. This is my favorite because of the spectacular foreground (canyon and falls) combined with a memorable and unusual sky that cannot be duplicated.
  • Don Parrott
    Don Parrott
    Panoramic image of the three sisters in Goblin Valley State Park
  • Prasanna Kumar
    Prasanna Kumar
    I have been wanting to take ancient pine trees aligned with the milky way for quite a few years. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, in July 2016 I finally got the shot I wanted.
  • Frank Naccarato
    Frank Naccarato
    Taken at 3:25AM on June 10th at Mono Lake. I was supposed to take an accompanying exposure for the foreground but was losing it by this point. I love the reflection of the setting planet, Mars. Up to the left, you can also spot Saturn.
  • Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
  • Douglas DeVoto
    Douglas DeVoto
    Reflecting on 2016, this image brings me back to several nights in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I believe that wilderness locations provide an essential balance to our hectic daily lives, and their solitude allows us to strengthen friendships and remember what is important. For me, it's tough to top wildflowers and alpine lakes.
  • Glen Murray
    Glen Murray
    I've selected this image as it has always been a location that I love and on this one evening I really appreciated the help I got from the rising crescent moon.
  • Dave Ciskowski
    Dave Ciskowski
    I can't say this image compares with all the wonderful work I've seen, but I keep coming back to it for what it represents. At one level it's a reminder of the wonderful camaraderie and insight that Brad and the whole group shared in our workshop. And beyond that, it's an expression of the growth and inspiration that I found there.
  • Kee Woo Rhee