• Diane Ramthun
    Diane Ramthun
    Last August, we were sailing in Northern Lake Superior in a Canadian wilderness marine sanctuary. We anchored at Battle Island with the intention of photographing the Milky Way over the lighthouse. Battle Island is known for its historic lighthouse built in 1877 atop a rocky cliff over the Lake. It"s also know for a shipwreck on August 10, 1899 when a 181 foot steamer ship ran aground below the lighthouse in a sudden fog.
  • Nancy Forman
    Nancy Forman
    Nancy Forman See more of Nancy’s work by visiting her website.
  • David Beckemeier
    David Beckemeier
    Best photo of 2019, Raven's nest Maine. Foreground in the blue hour; sky is a stack of 10 exposures 20 seconds each, in sequator. Did it the night before my workshop and was pleasantly surprised.
  • Thomas Piekunka
    Thomas Piekunka
    Here is my favorite image from 2019. It is titled, "Death and Life".
  • Kristin Arlett
    Kristin Arlett
    Kristin Arlett See more of Kristin’s work by visiting her Homepage & Instagram
  • Gloria Cropper
    Gloria Cropper
    I grew up in Kansas where storms were common and came with assertiveness. Living in Seattle now for twenty years I have greatly missed thunderstorms like it was a lost love of mine that I hadn’t known I loved until it was gone. Then one September night, without warning, I heard thunder from my home and then I saw a bright light flash from my window. Could it be? I drove to my neighborhood viewpoint with my umbrella hovering over my camera and I photographed and yelled out in glee to have had my lost love visit me.
  • Richard Taft
    Richard Taft
    Emerald Lake was the first location we stopped at during the August 2019 Lassen Volcanic National Park Night Photography Workshop. The frogs were very noisy as we initially made our way down the path around the lake to our imaging site … the night sky was specular as we were looking south to the central core of the Milky Way. This is a single image taken with a Canon 6DM2 camera and a Sigma Art 20mm lens (15sec, f/2, iso6400).
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones
    The aurora borealis over the Great Slave Lake. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This image was taken during a solar storm and while there were numerous images taken throughout the night, this one, for me, is the best combining clouds, conifers, the multicolored aurora and reflection off the lake.
  • Kelly Davenport
    Kelly Davenport
    This star trail is a composite of 75 individual images I shot at Deam Lake State Recreation area in Borden, Indiana. I used a Nikon D7500 with a Rokinon 14mm lens and an intervalometer. I started off shooting with an ISO of 1600 for 15 seconds with an aperture of 2.8. As the sky got darker, I increased my ISO to 2000. The light pollution on the bottom right is the Louisville, Kentucky, metro area, including the towns of New Albany, Jeffersonville and Clarksville, Indiana. One of the reasons this image is among my favorites of 2019, my monochrome version of this image won 3rd place at this year's Kentucky State Fair. I enjoyed going to the fair and overhearing people talk about my image and trying to figure out how I created it. I have to give a special shoutout to Brad Goldpaint for teaching me how to create this. Thanks Brad!
  • Carol Zychowski
    Carol Zychowski
    It was such a surprise to climb down the hill and find these beautiful flowers in bloom. On top of that a meteor streaked through the scene when the moon was setting. It was a wonderful moment.