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We just received our 100th enthusiastic testimonial. It takes me back to the feelings of awe and fascination when I first became obsessed photographing the Milky Way under a true dark sky in 2011. My dreams became a reality in 2014 when I began offering night sky photography workshops within our most valued and disappearing wilderness areas around the Western US. This milestone symbolizes my intentions of inspiring others to discover the stunning magic of the universe and our connections within it. I’m humbled by the fact that over the last 4 years, I’ve been so blessed to have instructed almost 300 enthusiasts in over 40 public and private workshops from the desert floors of California, Utah and New Mexico, to the pristine mountains of Oregon, Washington and Montana.

I’m proud that our students are leaving our workshops with the skill set and inspiration to create works of art that are getting published in various editorials, contests, and publications, and to continue the legacy of helping save our quickly disappearing dark skies. Many return each year to advance their knowledge in our Alumni Only destinations. The camaraderie created by a fun and unique experience and the friendships we have forged with such an amazing group of people is a testament to the work we do. So after concluding our Arches/Canyonlands workshop among towering red rocks this month, we happily received our 100th client testimonial from Anthony Festa. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I have been an admirer of Brad Goldpaint’s photography for several years, and decided to take one of his workshops last week in Utah. The opportunity to train under the world’s preeminent astro-photographer could not be passed. It was the best investment of my time and money for my advancement as a photographer. It is a rare occasion when a brilliant artist, like Brad, is able to convey his expertise to another in such a concise and easy to understand manner. On location, Brad’s preparedness was unsurpassed. His use of technology to pinpoint our exact location and time to capture the night sky was impressive. The patience he exhibited was incredible in making sure each student received his undivided attention. Brad doesn’t take his camera equipment on his workshops, like other instructors, so that he can focus on the needs of his students. If you have been considering taking a workshop with Brad Goldpaint, I can tell you not to hesitate, and book the opportunity to learn from a master. The photographs I created with the help of Brad are by far the best images I have ever taken. Thank you Brad!!” –Anthony

Next year we plan to offer a reduced schedule of in-field workshops to concentrate on other projects like our time-lapsed video ‘Illusion of Lights’, and add instructional offerings to widen our student base for those unable to attend a workshop or prefer a different kind of learning experience. Stay tuned for more detailed announcements later in the year.

Finally, we want to extent a big thank you to our clients and followers for your continued support and for doing your part in preserving our dark skies!

To starry nights,

Brad & Marci

  • Brad Goldpaint“Two great passions of mine are wilderness travel and experiencing the drama of a night sky. I combine my passions with photography by teaching night sky workshops to people just like you. Come explore the magic of the Milky Way with me as it travels each night over unique landscapes within the Western US.”