This year we again asked our workshop alumni to submit to us their favorite personal image along with a short blurb about why they chose it. Each year, the bar is set higher and higher with amazing photos from around the globe. We are so proud to see such great work being produced because their submissions are improving year after year! Thank you GP Alumni for reminding us about the importance of preserving our wild spaces under the stars by exploration, artistry, and continuing to support our mission.

Click on the images to read their stories and visit their websites to see more of their fantastic works. Like what you see? Share in the comments below!

Brad Goldpaint
“An evening spent capturing a starry night creates an unmistakable bond. This connection could be formed by the shear brilliance and magnitude of gazing into the endless universe or maybe the realization of how infinitesimal we feel in that moment. These connections have remained with me throughout my years of teaching. Each person, a unique experience, a distinct approach, and a single, apparent commonality: to reconnect with the beauty of the night.

It has been an honor to witness the evolution of these artists and the development of their works.”