• Kirsten Tucker
    Kirsten Tucker
    Kalahari Plains in Botswana
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones
    This image was shot from the deck of the wooden sailing schooner Hildur. Bear Islands, East Greenland September, 2018
  • Pat Maccariella
    Pat Maccariella
    This is my favorite photo for 2018, taken during the Mono Lake alumni workshop in May, 2018. This is my first attempt ever at photo stacking. I remember the night well because as I was following Brad’s instructions, I was so involved in the process that my fingers froze in the cold of the night! I then had trouble knowing what buttons I was pushing on the camera. But I recovered and continued. I was not sure how it was going to come out but I was astonished at how well I did on my first attempt. I was so ecstatic and still am!
  • Sergio Garcia Rill
    Sergio Garcia Rill
    I chose this as my favorite because it represents my favorite trip of the year (to the Canary Island of La Palma) and found it to be an incredible place for astrophotography from the darkness of the sky and the fact that you can climb above most clouds.
  • Rob Hazzard
    Rob Hazzard
    This is not only my favorite for 2018 but my favorite picture, period. I visited near my hometown in SW Colorado several times this summer and experienced clouds, rain, wind and even bears at this location. I knew I wanted to return for a fall foliage shot but that everything would have to come together--the leaves, the weather, the moon, and the one night I had in the area. Fortunately, it all did. I hope you enjoy the result.
  • Lynn Clauer
    Lynn Clauer
    With clouds mostly lifting, I to my brother who was visiting from North Carolina to check out Vermont's night sky. Using methods and tools Brad d for finding a Milky Way shot, I to him to Baker Pond in Brofield. This is a pano of I believe 8 shots.
  • Steve Niemczyk
    Steve Niemczyk
    Lynda and I spent the evening overloing the Golden Gate Bridge while the camera's clicked away and we watched brightly lit barges and airplanes come by wondering if they were going to ruin the final picture. She knew a great location overloing the bay to get this image. The sun started to come up and we went for a nice breakfast in Sausalito in one of the only places that was open that early.
  • Sashikanth Chintla‎
    Sashikanth Chintla‎
    “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” Backpacking and hiking to places where other have not visited was always a dream but thanks to Brad, Doug and Thomas i am able to fulfill my dreams. My interest has turned into a commitment and this is the result. This image is special to me as this was taken by over coming both mental and physical challenges and the forces of nature (Thunderstorms).
  • Susy Stephens
    Susy Stephens
    Here is my photo for Best of 2018, not because of its quality, but because of the experience for Kendall, the "mo," on top of the RV. It was a completely unplanned shot, that happened between her 3 day backpack through the Tetons and her 24 hour Cowboy Tough Adventure Race.
  • Yoshiki Nakamura
    Yoshiki Nakamura
    Mt. Rainier reflected on Reflection Lake, WA. It was fortunate that the rising moon started shedding the area nicely.